Advice for a new recruit

A pals lad is joining the REME via Harrogate (seem remember my cousin going thru as a JL in the Sigs) in September .

Can the collective offer (semi-serious) advice what to send with/to him?
Check pm
boris7 said:
perhaps you should chat with a ACIO for advice!!!!
I'm sure he has, but there are slways things that you wish you taken, known how to do before you start.

He's got his heart set on a career in the REME and I just want to help him out.
Sent you a few details on AFC and the joining instructions dont normally come out for Septembers intake till about July/August and will probably be given to him on his attestation at ACIO. REME is a good choice

Many thanks for the advice.

I'll pass it along and hopefully the youth will have a pleasant time hopefully a successful career!

Many thanks to all

I really do hope he has a most unpleasant time, I did - so did you - why should he be any different?

"If you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined."
Prepare to be "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah'ed"


Wonder why you're a driver?
superdriver said:
because i got more ponts than the worst trade of all time a REME tech storeman do they actually have a purpose on this planet guess is storing stuff

....and whats a pont?
I think it's, like, a bridge in France...
Which is nice.
But like the French, rather pointless.
Heh heh.
(Is it ok to larf at ones own jokes???)

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