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Discussion in 'RLC' started by michelle c, May 22, 2011.

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  1. Hi, My son is in the process of applying as a je at either Harrogate or Wincheser. He has been given a job sheet. It has 37 jobs on it, mostly infantry or cewman jobs. He expressed an interest in two others though< one being a pioneer in the Royal Logistics Corps, his recruiter put him off this saying it was essentially a grave diggers job. Please could somebody enlighten us on the facts. Also do you only have a choice of those jobs on the sheet or are they just a guide. One of his other interest were Armoured Engineer. What would people advise. His recruiter keeps trying to sway infantry which I would rather he didnt do. I know it is his choice but all this as left him confused and he has his interview on Friday. Sorry for long post.
  2. If he's that bothered why doesn't he post himself?
  3. What difference would it make if the post was made by his son?
  4. I'm not sure why you'd try and sway him away from Infantry. If you think other roles will be safer then I'm afraid you're being a little bit naive. I'll push my boy towards serving in an Infantry role if he ever decides on a military career - there's nowhere safer for him to be than to be surrounded by mates who know how to look after themselves & each other.
  5. Think from the username, it might be her. :)
  6. It might show he's interested and he might get to interact with people, rather than his mam keep wiping his arse.
  7. My bad. Never bothered my arrse to look at the name.
  8. I can understand a parent's reticence to encourage their son to join the infantry as they have sustained approx 70% of fatalities in Afghanistan. However, the training and support is, as the poster above states, second to none.
  9. firstly he is in the middle of his gcse exams so studying hard, he had it all sorted in his head until his recruiter put doubts in, now they have given him a week to decide before his interview, secondly its me posting because I do have the time. I thought I would get constructive advice instead of little boy answers. Im not being naive about it being safer, I was just thinking of future employment. I know its his decision and I will be proud of him in whatever he chooses. Just trying to be a good parent and guide him, surely no harm in that. Believe me I definitely dont wipe his arse. Being disable has meant he has been independant from a very early age.
  10. You haven't had 'little boy' answers. If he's serious about his future career he needs to do the leg work.
  11. How is he likely to go in his GCSEs?
  12. If it's future employment you're looking at then look at trades in the Royal Engineers, REME, Royal Signals and some trades in the RLC. A Pioneer in the RLC seems to be very similar if not the same as someone who completes their Assault Pioneer course whilst serving with the Infantry or Royal Signals so I doubt it will provide him with many skills useful to civilian life unless he does education in his own time.

    You say that his list of job choices is mainly things like crewman so I'm going to assume he'd not been predicted good GCSEs or didn't do very well on his BARB test. If this is the case then he might not be able to apply for one of the "better" jobs in the Army.
  13. Like chef :)
  14. My mum wanted me to join the band!
  15. You mean an ESS contractor surely?