Advice for a friend in trouble

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by scotlass, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. Ladies and Gents i need your help on behalf of a fellow ARRSER.
    Brief history, young squaddie, has a two year old daughter, the daughters mother has decided for reasons known only to herself that she no longer wants the child, so the question im looking for advice on, is it possible to be a single father in the Army and would they help? The only other alternatives are leave the army or have the child put into care....thank you in anticipation.....scotlass.
  2. if a single woman in the army can do it. then i dont see why not.
  3. there are a number of single parent families in the army,,
    it wont be easy for him , ie , his beer tokens will be cut.. but it can be done.there are also on most bases,, registered child minders ..
  4. his first port of call to talk this one through should be his families officer-
    they know all the if buts where fours and will look at getting him a flat..
  5. What about when he goes on tour?
  6. he, could possibly end up on rear party.. again he needs to chat with his families officer first they know and have delt with all these sorts of problems in the past..
  7. the army could also post him to a location nearer to his home town so his family can out ,,ssafa ,are the link here...
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    We had a similar family break up in NI in 88. A wife became a Greenfinch and ran off with a male UDR fellah. She asked for divorce, he granted providing he had custody. He was found a job in HQ coy and 9 to 5 till I left at least!
  9. Thanks pup, i know things can get bad but rear party, what would the world be coming to..
  10. what a horrid situation for the poor lad but at least he is putting his daughter first. one question.....being ignorant and curious......does the army offer some sort of counselling or guidance service for families to help avoid situations like this in the first place?
  11. rear partys work harder during a tour most times than the guys deployed,,
    its nearly perminent guard-duty driver ect...i know ive done a 6 month rear party job...
  12. there are so many options open to soldiers and families these days that were not there 10 years ago,,the back up system welfare of families is second to none,, better than you get in civie street..
    saafa, are very good..
  13. Starfire, i dont think any amount of counselling would help in this situation the mother, an ex girlfriend has decided she doesnt want the child and is not really bothered where she goes, as long as she goes, social services are trying to place her with blood relatives and obviously the father wants his child..
  14. his families officer is on call can sort out probs even on a week end,, he dosent have to wait until office hours,,,if its a drama...
  15. Tragic. Good luck to the lad.