Advice for a FANY going to Iraq

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Polyethyl, Dec 5, 2005.

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  1. I'm told this website is the place to get straight forward advice about my mobilization - with some of the usual army comments!

    I've been attached to the RY and trained as a CMT3 in preparation for Op Telic 8. I've been talking to people recently returned from Iraq to try to get some idea of what to expect - but being a FANY I end up meeting subalterns who insist they are fountains of knowledge and expertise, only to then admit that they haven't the faintest clue what life is like for a female ranker.

    So is there a girl recently returned willing to advise me?

    I've now been told so many tall stories..... everything from I'm certain to be eaten alive by camel spiders, to being told to take my own duvet and pillow because I'll be billeted in a luxury ensuite airconditioned hut....

    I'll be sent with the Queens Dragoon Guards - but I haven't met one yet - so I really don't know what I'm getting myself into!
  2. Can't speak of the operating conditions but I can say the QDG, from my two week experiance of them, were all jolly nice people.
  3. Been to Iraq, AntPhillip? Are you female? Can you offer the detailed advice she asked for? Was your comment helpful? No.

    She's asking for informed advice - please leave the thread to her and those that can provide it.

    Edited to be less rude... had a grumpy moment about Yeomanry YOs.
  4. We just spent a week on Hohne ranges, and they provided our Admin Support. They couldn't do enough for us - bloody good bunch of lads. As for Iraq - expect everything and you will not be too supprised !
  5. Charlie, unless you know this guy personally I think your comments are a bit below the belt. Perhaps misguided chivalry but I think your bang out of order old boy.

  6. Charlie? I did say that I can't speak of the operating conditions which I would include to be the experiance of being female.

    However I can speak of how the QDG behaved when we were with them and I can say how they behaved towards the women and in both cases I stand by the comment that they were jolly nice chaps.

    As Polyethyl said:

    I would assume that would be one of her concerns. Whilst I may not be able to comment on being a woman or having been in Iraq, I've not partaken in either, neither did I claim to have done. What I did do was offer my point of view from my time in their company and the very positive comments that the women did make. This I hope would present an opinion on the QDG to start from, perhaps it would be more helpful if you had something to contribute on the one note where a non-female may be able to provide some info charlie? Edit: As I see Mighty_blighty did. :)

    On a more interesting and probably more helpful note I'd suggest you PM Recce Cpl for more info on the QDG, Polyethyl. tThe other points I'm sure, as stated by Charlie, some of the female members may be able to help you with.
  7. Well that's not strictly true, many people on here have seen the photo;s, oh and where are my boots?

    TA_s :D :D
  8. Hey - Cong, get back in your tunnel.
  9. He wasn't having a go at you, he was having a go at Charlie-Cong. A proper Charlie if you ask me.
  10. Sorry didn't make it clear I was replying to Chalies comments. It's my own inefficiency with the quoting system i'm afraid.

    TA_sig, shhhhhhhhh, plus let me get home then you can have your darn boots you admin monkey vortex type.

    P.s. Thank god they don't use BT here :D

    Right, back to the good lady of FANY's problem, her need is more pressing than any banter and wouldn't want to give Charlie just cause to complain. :)
  11. Yeah the Gook in the wire needs to calm down a bit there. I thought it was a little helpful. Chill out and or butt out
  12. Many thanks for this lads. I'll contact Recce Cpl; and thanks for the thumbs us on the QDG.... it is reassuring. When my mobilization was first discussed it was to be with the 9th/12th Lancers - but none of my TA friend knew anything about them. I'm glad to hear the QDG are known and liked.

    If you do know any girls on this website - please do ask them to get in touch.
  13. OK im not a chick and im RAF, but having just come back from Iraq, Shaiber, and things are not as bad as the old days. 1st off bad news no Hotels!!! So we had to rough it with the Army.. Sleeping is either in 2 man corimecs (Small portable container), which has 2 beds and aircon and a small locker, they are ok, or you will be in an air-conditioned tent. 4-6 man. A quilt cover is handy as when its hot you can use it as a sleeping bag or get your new light weight sleeping bag and stuff it into the cover, instant quilt. Basrah and Shaiber have good facilities, good gyms, compulsory PT?? Now whats that about!! Pizza Hut etc.. If you have a Laptop or a small personal DVD player they are helpful in the quite moments as pirate DVDs are cheap as chips.
    Really don’t fret the NAFFI sells just about every toiletry you will need and I found the QM to be most accommodating with giving me kit and some bedding, iron etc etc... You get a comfy box use it..
    So enjoy as much as you can and keep your head down. :D :D
  14. If you get in touch with Recce, tell him that he and I discussed you on the London Crawl and I asked him to be nice!! Also tell him that you are friends with Barrington Bigwatch... he'll understand!!!!

  15. Are you female Charlie Cong?