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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by bobsdad, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. my daughter just ballsed up her audition for Corps of Music but has been told that any other job is open. She has looked at Red Cap, Dental nurse (both prone to pulling teeth) and Ammo Tech. Any suggestions?
    She is also a very proficient bagpie player and wouldnt mind getting involved in a Reg pipe band.
  2. Why did you call your daughter Bob?
  3. old story, ask her
  4. Royal engineers or Rmp. You should take her back down to the local carears office if she has questions.
  5. shes going tomorrow but as a old time matelot i dint fancy them fobbing her off with a shortage branch
  6. Just make sure she is firm and clear with the jobs she wants to do. Make sure she shows them that her determination is with her job choices (particularly her first choice) and with no others and she should be okay :).
  7. shell kick my arsse if she knew i was asking. Are red caps as hated as i hear?
  8. And how may I contact this young lady?
  9. They're loved about as much as the Regulators, I think. :wink:
  10. probably more so
  11. Dental Nurse, if she can cope with all the "oral" jokes. Something useful for civvy street once she leaves. :wink:

    Not sure what a bagpie sounds/tastes like :wink:
  12. My humble opinion is that Ammo Tech is the best and she shoold consider this now that they are ordaining women in the art. The promotion is very quick if you make the grade and the money isn't bad either. The downside is that it can be very hairy and you are expected at times to walk into places that have just been evacuated at speed by roughy toughy soldiers. As for playing the bag-pipes, i am not sure if that is a requirement but blowing your own trumpet certainly is.
  13. her trumpet playing wasnt good enough, but she did see ammo tech online and marked is as a possible. she has all the grades required for Rupert but I dont think she can wait that long, or get over another possible dissapointment.
  14. Seconded. And she's better training in the forces as the pay outside is decided by whichever dentist she'd be working for, and they will always pay as little as possible.

    She will also get the opportunity to do the extra courses in the forces (dental radiography or possibly even hygiene) that she would have to pay a fortune for in civvy street. As we all know, civvy hygienists charge a fortune, so best to do the courses in the military, set up in few years civvy, keep her dad in the manner to which he could become accustomed :D
  15. If she has the grades for rupert, she should do him, er it, er she should go to Sandhurst! why sell yourself short?