Advice, Do i join now, or later???

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by rubberslump, Mar 5, 2012.

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  1. Hi there new user

    I want to join the army, and i can't decide weather to join now or later... I am 22 and have eye problems (currently wear glasses/contacts), i was wondering should i have laser eye surgery and wait a year as to join as is required!, during which time i could study to boost chances of getting into RMAS, as well as benefit from high fitness level from training for a full year!

    Or join now struggle through training as I've heard training is ******* hell with glasses, friends with navy and army guys have both said, and have eyes zapped later on once inside. if this happens medical downgrading would follow, what would that involve considering eyes wouldn't have a REAL detrimental effect on ability to perform.

    What would you recommend?

  2. At 22 you may be too young to be recommended lazer surgery. You should be able to go through training with glasses, thousands have done so before you.
  3. i know training is more than do able!!!, i really cant make my mind up on this! though having the extra year would be beneficial for fitness! i'd want to get the career going quicker, as it takes months just to go through the application process!

    Decisions, decisions.
  4. You will fail at RMAS if you cant make simple decisions in a timely manner without phoning a friend.
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  5. lol no the problem is i wanted to join as officer, but didn't finish college, as a result lack the a levels and UCAS points to get in.
    so study maybe but i'd rather just get on with it, get in and do surgery at a later date, seems best!
  6. Speak to the careers office and find out likely waiting times for your preferred job. Other than that crack on. As long as your glasses/contact lenses correct your vision you shouldn't have any issues. Training can be a bit of a pain with contact lenses. When getting beasted with any kind of water involved they tend to fall out and you just have to crack on half blind. This happened to me on bayonet training. But no major issues really. Just make a decision and get on with it :)
  7. Hey guys, I'm actually joining in June and I wear glasses for driving/reading/using the computer etc. My eyesight is ok without them but I know I'll need to use them for rifle it tricky having to wear them while firing or no prob?

    P.s to rubber - laser eye surgery isn't a guaranteed thing. The effects can reverse once you get it and even then, I would suggest not waiting because there is a massive influx of new recruits as it is. What I've been reading in the news only serves to illustrate the appalling further decline of the world economy so if another recession is on the way, or heaven forbid a depression, the army will no doubt have to cut back further while even more people will flock to the few spaces available.

    If it were me, I would look at my situation with the glasses and ask myself if they REALLY bother me enough to postpone the application. Take a few days to decide and then either get an appointment booked with an optrician or ACIO recruiter. I know which I'd go for! :)
  8. Not a major issue on the ranges but I usually wear contact lenses think I've only fired in glass twice.
  9. as a reformed four eyed speccy bastard it is easier in general not wearing specs but to be honest you only really notice it once you stop wearing them and the only concession i ever made is that i always had a spare set in my webbing. wearing glasses in training, on exercise or on tour is not something to worry yourself about.
  10. sorry for late reply! been swamped at work of late...

    I have my first interview tomorrow and have thought get the ball rolling. WHY wait!!
    i have no issue with the glasses and the laser surgery if i ever do get round to it, then ill get round to it.
    I wore glasses for most of my life, then got contacts.

    I want to not wait and get on with a new life, new career.

    thank you all for responses
  11. X59

    X59 LE

    Hope you can sort the problem of swamping at work.
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    If you are from the north east, this may help.

    eye test.jpg
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