Advice - Direct Or Late Officer Entry?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by CivillianNumber9, Jun 26, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    Since wanting to join the army I've always wanted to be a "Medic", so was immediately drawn to the role of CMT. I have good GCSE's and 360 UCAS points from a BTEC National Diploma, so my careers adviser pointed me down the officer route.

    Have just passed the Briefing with a Category 2 of 3 months to work on fitness. Originally I was thinking about being a Medical Support Officer, but from what I've been told/researched, MSO's don't actually received any Medical Training or go out on patrols.

    Because of that, I'm put off being an MSO from direct officer entry (am now considering Infantry, Armoured or Intelligence). I'm being drawn to officer largely because of the career benefits of Sandhurst should I leave the army, but a part of me still really wants to be a "Medic" and I'm tempted to join as a CMT then re-apply to be an MSO after a few years experience treating casualties in the field.

    Question: If I already possess the minimum academic requirements, once serving as a soldier, what would be the soonest that I could re-apply for officer entry? I understand that I'd still have to pass Briefing/Main Board, but is this route possible? Many thanks. I'm 20 by the way.
  2. Right very briefly: You are confusing the terms "late" and "direct" entry officer. Someone who is already a serving soldier, then completes the briefing / PODC / main board process and then completes Sandhurst would still be on the career path of a direct entry officer.

    A late entry officer is someone (and I don't know the exact way it works) who for example had been a senior warrant officer and then is promoted directly to captain (I think) on a different pay scale, a different career path and without completing the full commissioning course at sandhurst. The late entry officer will already have completed a fairly full career as I understand it.

    I've met a few guys going through the AOSB process who are serving soldiers, they tend to be younger than this obviously because I imagine the same age limits apply? The guys I've met have all been junior NCO's who have wanted to go to Sandhurst and are being supported through the process by their units. All to a man have been highly self-motivated and driven- I don't get the impression that it is as simple to complete the AOSB process once you are already in the Army as there are so many other hoops to jump through (eg. on FAM visits instead of being interviewed by the nice and friendly junior captain you have an interview with the Regimental Colonel or someone similar).

    PS. If I have committed any glaring errors someone please correct me..............
  3. Thanks for clearing up the Late/Direct entry thing! I'm getting confused because someone I spoke to who had just recently left the army told me that you could apply for "something" (I can't remember what it was called) where by you serve for 3 years as a soldier and then go onto train as an officer, after which you become a Captain. Is there any accuracy in this?

    Also if, as I mentioned in my first post, you served as a solider for say 5/6 years and reached Corporal, then went through the whole briefing/main board/sandhurst process, just like in Direct Entry, would you still only commission as a Second Lieutenant after Sandhurst?

    Obviously, I'm going to book another interview with my careers adviser, but any info beforehand that might clear up any misunderstandings that I might have would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. If you commision from the ranks you will proced through the ranks as per any other bloke with NO time behind him.

    There is no 'something' that allows you to serve 3 years as a soldier and then pop out as a Captain...

    You seem to want the patrols and action of a tom, but the apres career benefits of the officer. You'll have to figure out which is more imprtant. There are several trades with good after career benefits, as a CMT you could go on to be an ambulance crew in civ div, after a little work to convert (oddly).

    On the other hand you could spend 6 years bored rigid as an offficer and quit.

    You need to sit down and think what you want to do, not run around like a kid in a ram raided pick n mix section.
  5. If you have passed the board then get into Sandhurst sharpish. You will never really make up the lost time otherwise and will always be slightly old for your rank and seniority.
  6. Or option 3 - go to med school, become a doctor, join the army as a Capt, still get to patrol (yes they do before anyone tries to quash this one) and be a 'medic', but also be an officer and get paid shed-loads for it. Of course there is the whole 4-5 years of med school training first....