Advice - Considering 5 MI (v)

I'm after a little advice as I'm not too sure which would be the best way to go.

I'm currently training with 4 Mercian, however work comitments are currently getting in the way, and I haven't yet completed CIC. It probably hasn't helped that I was pushed into joining the infantry by my recruiting staff at my local TAC, hence why I don't feel totally comitted to my current unit.

I have been attracted to the Int Corps ever since I joined the TA, however I have never had the opportunity to voice my opinions on what role I would like in the TA.

I am now unsure what to do. Do I leave the TA for a while, sort my work commitments out (I run my own business, so this should only take a few months), and then re-apply for 5 MI (V)? Or should I speak to my CoC and request a transfer? This I understand may not be possible as I am not yet a 'trained soldier.'

Your collective advice would be greatly appreciated.
It won't make a difference as the phase 1 training and phase 2 training run along side each other more or less, the exception is Infantry which is actually slightly shorter for some reason.

Have you completed weekend 9 yet?

There should be no issue with you simply transferring over.

Forced you say, so at no point did you say no I want to join 5MI?

Speak either to your PSAO, or the 4 MERC ITW team for advice.
Yes, I've completed weekend 9 twice, just keep going through the process of 'refresher' training waiting for my CIC in November.

I didn't have much information on the TA when I first visited my TAC. That very night they signed me up. Within a month I had passed selsction and was booked onto phase 1 training. It happened that quickly that It was never suggested that I could join another coy to the one of the recruiting office I actually went into!

I'll give the ITW a call tomorrow as my PSAO is away on annual camp at the minute.

I would love to recommend 55, but the PS SSM comes from Norwich and therefore thinks that a wheel is the height of technology. He's an AAC reject and a Canary fondling panzer driver.

In all seriousness, if you are in the catchment area for 55 drop me a PM and I will put you in direct contact with him and after you join, I dare you to repeat the above :)
Maybe next week :)

Thanks for the advice, I was surprised to get a reply at this time of the morning!
It was something to do with the fact that I couldn't sleep.

With regards to training yes you could take a breather regarding the training assuming you have "passed" W/E 9 and not just completed the W/E but there is a time limit regarding the Phase 2 part of the process where if you don't either attend CIC / TSC/B you will find yourself back at square one.

With regards to the recruiting if you walked through the door of a TAC then they will enevitably push you to the role that they are capbadged for, if you went to the AFCO then they should in theory point you towards your required capbadge, although it has been known for then to still favour thier Capbadge :)

Just remember that you can simply transfer to the unit while you are still a recruit and take you trainig book with you which will show the unit that you have completed TSC/A.

Me and 7.62Bayonet worked with them a year ago on thier battle camp and they all seemed to be good lads and lasses, except for the really odd one who everyone seemed to pick on.

However why anyone wants to join the green slime is beyond me. all computer geeks with huge heads for storing all that intel :)
Another bonus is that, along with 3 MI, the whole of the UK is covered. So moving for a job or whatever won't mean retrading.


Another bonus is that, along with 3 MI, the whole of the UK is covered. So moving for a job or whatever won't mean retrading.
Absolutely, after all if he stayed in the infantry and had to move to another part of the country he would have absolutely no hope of finding an infantry unit anywhere else! By all means argue based on role, his personal preference, suitability etc, but that is probably the weakest post I have ever seen you make on Arrse.

One thing for the OP to consider it to just hang in there where he is until he has finished CIC rather than transferring before Ph 2 training, which runs the risk of him being time barred on the weekend training already completed if the transfer does not run a quickly as it should. You won't suffer from doing CIC instead of all arms Ph 2.
The Nottingham Det of 5 MI is to be recommended and the Company PSI is a sound bloke in spite of his genetic afflictions....

(Computer geeking in Beirut for a princely sum of money)

PS There is a certain amount of home study required to qualify within MI, which you will need to fit in around your existing home commitments.
One thing to take into account if you're going to transfer to the int corps is that you'll have to pass a technical selection weekend. Probably nothing to worry about in that but it does mean that you'd have to contact 5 MI and get loaded on and pass that before they'll accept you as a transferee. I only mention it as depending when the next one is it might slow your transfer and lead to you missing the time bar on your weekends.
Thanks for all the advice. It would be annoying to have to complete TSC(A) all over again! I will be speaking to a few people over the next week or so.
To transfer as a recruit and take my existing training with me would be the preffered outcome. Although I have considered completing CIC first, the TSC(B) inf is getting very repetitive now I'll be doing my third w/e 8.
I'll let you know how I get on.
Thanks again!
If you have 'passed' WE 9 then you only need to refresh prior to attending TACIC.

However recruits are encouraged to continue attending the recruit weekends so that they dont fall out of the system.

However considering all 4 mercian on the last W/E 9 failed the six miler then CIC is a little way off for them yet
For someone transferring over what's the timescale to deployment??
Or if feeling brave, hms ferret is holding a selection weekend very soon for entry into rnr int branch. If you can get application in asap then you may be able to attend...
For someone transferring over what's the timescale to deployment??
attend Tech selection and pass- they seem to be fairly regular; lets say every 2 months. Do all the required training and convince the neccasary permanent staff and training team that you are ready for the trade course - on average about 6 months. From then on it's up to you to be deployable, but within 3 MI it's not unknown for bods to deploy within a year of passing the OPMI 3. Total timescale? Up to you and a bit of luck really.

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