advice badly needed please!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ctrmuzza, Sep 25, 2008.

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  1. Hi im looking for some advice on this matter,

    basically i signed off manually on tour in jan 08 which would mean im out in dec 08 with my termination leave. However today i recieved a fastball that they have lost my paperwork and its not recorded on jpa so i have to start my sign off period from now meaning i have the full year to do unless i can prove i signed off.
    I do not have a copy of my manual sign off i did as i didnt have the chance in the fob to copy it, certain people have seen me sign off but my 2ic ( who is currently in charge ) says there is nothing he can do without proof.
    Surely there must be a way round this? I have my civi life almost all set up with job offers in the waiting and i have also just purchased a house.
    Can anyone help me with this matter as i really dont know what to do??

    Thanks in advance :( :( :(
  2. i'd leave as per the norm and then when they hunt you down i'd sue the bastrds!!

    it is up to them to prove you didnt sign off! surely you have had your CTW and such planned which means someone knew you was going.....
  3. You would not have signed off in isolation. Surely, your Troopie and your OC interviewed you, as they are required to do before the OC signs the document?

    Track them down and ask if they remember; I bet they will have a record of your interview.

  4. lol! wish it was that easy, i feel like just driving out the gates and not coming back.
  5. Do it. Just claim youre a reporter for the Beeb. Seems to work. :roll:
  6. that sounds like a good place to start , the troopy that interviewed me has now been posted and the tss has also been posted , i will try and track them down, thanks
  7. Get a mate to tell them she's preggars first though, then its ok. :x
  8. and yeah the ctw is planned, they all know i have signed off , thats what i cant understand?
  9. well i'd be using that then. saying there is no record aint a good enough excuse really. If anyone would have a record it'd be the chief clerk. our'shas a discharge sheet for the next year and blokes sign off and join the list...someone knows!!

    Plus your P-File should have an OC'sinsert or something....or is it because i work with adults that mines going so smooth...
  10. i really dont know ill check my p file tomorrow,i think its a complete shambles and i feel really let down by my workshop , tosserrs :D
  11. I suppose the odd thing to not understand is why YOU havent got any evidence to support your signing off. One of the biggest (and stupidist) thing you will probably do for a while and something that should have prompted you to record, copy and confirm things. There must be an audit trail so I dont imagine you will have much of a problem.

    When did you have the interview? What was recorded in your PDR?
    How were the CTP informed?
    What was the official response to your letter disputing this issue?

    I can only assume that there are some easy answers here...hope it all works out might even realise how well paid you are and stay in after all :) I am applying for jobs now and we are talking 50% pay cut...not great!!!
  12. 50% pay cut?? obviously not RE then....
  13. Dont you get an 'Amendment to TOS' cert or something similar?
  14. Silence...........................

    'The best advice always falls upon deaf ears'