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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Species, Jul 28, 2005.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm currently attempting to train for entrance fitness tests, and I was doing fine until now but I seem to have hit a wall with the running, at the momment I'm just going down to the gym and using the tredmills etc, but I'm finding that the last few times I've been once I've been running for as little as 5 minutes I get a side stitch on my right side which no matter what I try won't go away, obviously this is affecting my ability to both train and eventually if it came to the test and this happened... well I'd be stuffed.

    Just wondered if anyone else has had this regularly and been able to find a way of preventing it, I try not to eat before excercising and I've tried including stetches in my warmup meant to alleviate this problem but so far no success. :(
  2. I just carry on running when I have a stitch - can't remember who advised me to do this but works eventually.................

    Good luck
  3. Are you sure that it is a 'stitch'? Could it be that, in training, you may have pulled a muscle? I know that this can happen and can be mixed up with straightforward stitches. If this is the case then it needs to be treated like any other muscle injury - if you carry on using it, it may cause more problems.

    Have you tried resting it? Doing training that won't 'pull' that area?

    Just a thought.
  4. I'm pretty sure thats a no, but ill take a break for a few days before continuing just to see.

  5. if it is a stitch, just run through it & make sure your breathing nice & steadily. If it keeps happening after a break, i would considor seeing a doc!
    Sometimes stitches arise due to eating before exercise?? could that be a factor?

    stitches are a mystry! if you get em you get em...end of! just got ride through it!

    I would also get your self outside! else you will have a shock when it comes to the real thing!
  6. try running off a treadmill (you're not a hamster are you?) Gait changes between treadmill and 'real' running - might not help your stitch but will help your fitness

    if you have no choice but to run on a treadmill - make sure you warm up properly - preferably on something else - bike is good - use HR monitor to adjust RPM and resistance

    if you have a choice - run up long hills slowly

    if all elses fails - grit teeth and get on with it ...
  7. Well I thought I'd get off the tredmill and get outside and I was alright, I don't really like tredmills anyway they aren't as good as getting yourself outside.

    Thanks for the advice guys :D
  8. Just run through it that is the simple answer after taking in to account all the good advice above like not eating within 1 hr b4 running etc.

    In training you will be laughed at if you say I have to stop I have got a stitch.
  9. i think your problem is your going to fast too soon. you want to spend the first 10 -15 mins taking it really easy even a fast walk if need be, then start speeding things up and start running at a decent pace. the key is just wait till your body feels right then go for it and in time you will need less and less of a warm up. treadmills are shite anyway, how the hell can anyone enjoy thenselves running without actualy going anywhere?