Advice and help with DHE needed

After 6 months of hell in our MQ's where we have literally lived our neighbours lives (their music arguments, social gatherings etc) we hit the 6 month point and requested a move.

DHE refused the move, stating they appreciate circumstances, but as we at our entitlement they are refusing the move.

My Wife has been prescribed sleeping tablets and is will probably receive anti-depressants on her next check-up. This was stated along with the problems with our neighbours. Still no joy!

It is starting to affect our relationship, she is very unhappy and I have no doubt would return back to her home town given the smallest excuse. I too am at the end of my patience with the lack of sleep, shouting Reggae music at 11.30 pm and later. Neither of us are sleeping well.

What can we do?
I gather that you have spoken to the neighbours? If you have and you still are no further than what you have said, then next port of call is your Unit Welfare Officer. They can advise you and help you to move (if they agree with you). Failing that AFF or SSAFA will be able to put up a case to DHE to move you and your family to another house.
Both I and the other side of me have tried to speak to the neighbours. I got apologies (and the noise killed that night) but its now as bad as before if not worse and he will not acknowledge there is a problem.
My other neighbour the far side went round one night as his wife was heavily pregnant, the music was blaring out and the door wasn't answered to him and the stereo was turned up. Not witnessed by myself but there have been parties that have resulted in guests urinating up the properties.

Families Officer assured we would get a move, we put a letter of explanation with our application, but DHE have still refused. Neither Welfare or the Families Officer are helpful here.

We are just not sure where to go next - we have to live with it and I have tried to be positive for my Wife but its starting to get to me too and above all else our delightful neighbours have no sense of appropriate behaviour.
Speak to your local Environmental Health Officer at the lcoal council, they should be able to offer you help or put you in the right direction.
Are you inside a camp? If not keep calling the police, something is bound to happen. As for you requesting a move, any cases of troublemakers I've ever heard of have resulted in the offendors being moved out, not the victim. The way Defence Estates manage their properties I would have thought they would jump at the opportunity to evict someone.

Another thought - have you mentioned any of this to your neighbour's chain of command?
Next step AFF and SSAFA. Also ensure your wife sees the doctor and has this all documented that she has to have sleeping pills and this could verge on Anti-depressants. You also should keep a diary of events, and what ever you do do things correctly and by the book.

I gather your CofC is aware to (mainly OC, CO). If there are houses available then this shouldn't prove to be much of an issue (moving house that is).

The long and the short is, keep badgering DHE with all the evidence and ask to see the manager (or whatever they are called now) and show them the evidence. Failing that, your neighbours are failing to keep to the tenancy agreement they signed upon marching in, and they can be evicted and their CofC will be informed. May be better for you than having to move house, which can be stressful in itself.
We are just outside the main gate so no not on camp.

We have felt since day one, minute one we weren't being taken seriously but sat it out on advice waiting for a move.

We have spoken to the local council, but didn't want to have to go down this route. We were hoping to do this the easy way but it looks as though we are going to have to start complaining
My Wife has already seen the Doctor and is due to go back next week.

My OC and Welfare Officer are aware, we have requested the move rather than pushing for them to be moved as the location of our quarter isn't fantastic (we get the noise from Camp which isn't helping)

I am just astounded that despite all of this DHE are saying we have no grounds to request a move. I am not sure what in their book does constitue reasonable grounds
After a quick look on the Defence Estates Licence To Occupy handbook (LTO) it states quite clearly what should happen in such an occassion, like yours.


It's all there under Unacceptable behaviour. What ever you do though, do not mention that you want to move due to noise from camp aswell, as DE, will only think that you are embellishing the facts of the case.

Hope this helps.
This is the result of chav culture penetrating the Army.
Not sure that is the case with our neighbours. I just don't think they have any concept of standards of behaviour.....evidenced by some of their "mates" pissing up the neighbouring properties. The thud of the base on their stereo (even if you can't hear anything else) is enough to drive you insane!

We are going to appeal the decision with DHE but wether that gets us somewhere is a different matter.
Put his windows out!
Report each incident to the police/council and to the ROS.

Even the Monkeys will do.

And then keep reporting it.

Eventually something will happen.

Keep a record of howmany times you have complained "in house".

Top and bottom of it, if two neighbours are complaining then somehting should and needs to be done.

Esp if a pregnant girl is about eo end up on anti-depresents!!!!
DHE will not move you for neighbourly dispute that is normal for any housing provider. But if the rules are the same in UK as they are in Germany then you are entitled to apply for a betterment move if you have been in your SFA over 6 months. It happens all the time in Germany it takes a bit of time but it is worth the wait for most families.
Houseman said:
DHE will not move you for neighbourly dispute that is normal for any housing provider. But if the rules are the same in UK as they are in Germany then you are entitled to apply for a betterment move if you have been in your SFA over 6 months. It happens all the time in Germany it takes a bit of time but it is worth the wait for most families.
This is the second part of our request - which we have also been refused on.

Basically long story short.....we have been turned down on every count!
As far as I aware you cannot be turned down for a Betterment Move. The SIBAG for housing in Germany states that you are entitled to apply for a one betterment move during your tour of a Duty Station.
This can be for medical, welfare or to move to a larger SFA or from a Flat to a House or even to a different estate that you perceive to better your living environment.
I know that you live in UK but the rules should be the same, I will check the regulations for UK when I am back at work on Monday and will let you know.
As I said before it can take some time but it does happen as I deal with this Daily.

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