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Advice and Guidance

This is the obvious place to ask for some expert opinions and wordly advice. Due to personal circumstances, in September my son put in his notice to finish when his 4 years are up. He now bitterly regrets this and is desperate to withdraw it, but unfortunately, hes told that its unlikely it will be accepted as the regs have changed and if you want out, then thats what you get. Does anyone have any knowledge on how this might be overcome and help him to stay in. At the moment, his case has to be sent to the CO who may be able to help him, but otherwise he will regret for a long time to come.
Thanks guys

Unfortunately at this present time those who have hit the terminate button on JPA are finding out that theres no way back. All he can do is continue with his redress through CofC and CO, theres no other way. It might not be a good reply back though as majority are finding from MCM.