Does anybody have any decent advice for me? I'm off to ADSC Lichfield in the morning for my selection, I'm really nervous about everything to be fair!
i went bout 3months ago i take it youve gone through the timetable make sure you turn up smartly dressed what ever you do dont back chat grunt mumble. if ya asked a question be clear n concise soons you get there start chatting with the rest of the recruits spec if your worried bout the ice breaker theres nothing to worry about all expectations are laid out when you arrive one or two people got into stuck while i was there longs you give 100% cant ask anymore of you most important thing is to relax and enjoy it
like soldier said its as easy as you make it everyone has butterflies but there gonna be in the same position as 20-30 others just relax n enjoy yourself soons you get to brookwood just start chatting to rest lads you'l be fine mate i was the same but by time we were goin through medical we were sat around waiting havin a joke n stuff
nice one for the advice iceman! I passed the day before yesturday and I'm off to ATR Winchester :D I can't wait! only 12 of us passed out of 33! half of them got deffered on the medical tests..

I actually burts out laughing in the medical at 3 seperate stages (no it wasen't the cup and cough), when he tells you to strip down to your underwear, bend your knees so your squatting, and the place your hands behind you head and try to walk foreward like a penguin.. the need? was hilarious though. And when he makes you do these arm movements and you feel like a ******* Spice Girl.
Not as bad as me, i laughed when the nurse pinched my stomach for the body fat thing, she made it worse be saying "silly boy" lol
bunch of legends i was deffered 1st time for heart murm hated it i think doing the chicken walk while not laughing was a hard one but hey good luck to ya at winchester
cheers man should be quite fun there from what I can see of their site.. although I haven't heard any testemonials off of anybody! I start at the end of January, not long at all man!
ideal like you say sounds fun it wont be easy obv but longs you can enjoy it makes it 100 times better when you done your chin ups for selection how many did you do
I done 12 heaves, the last 1/2 were a bit sloppy but completed them never the less! 9:53 run time, that was actually the best run time I've ever had! I usually get like 10:30 or something so I was quite happy with it! How about yourself.. what times/heaves did you get man?

i was originally referred broke my wrist see before it was 10+ now for some reason struggled to complete 5 i now its terrible but my upper body strength is way above that my run was around 8:01 but saying that its all about potential ability and what can be built
yes that's true! 2 people got deffered for the final interview LOL HAHA! they must have gone in and head butted the ******* Major.. how annoying would that be? your run time is mint mate, I'd like to get it down to that someday! And you saying you can do 5 heaves.. most of the people who got to that stage on my selection days couldn't do 2+ so 5 is fine! when do you start Phase 1 Basic Training and at what Army Training Regiment?

il be heading to basic January going in engineers c3 systems so my trades based in Minley surrey guys who failed after interview would of been due to fitness unsatisfactory i reckon i got a bollocking by accidentley calling a corporal mate had to take 2mins of his rage that taught me haha for the run all i did was interval training for 20mins on a footy pitch
basically its 1 min jogging then 2mins sprinting full out so if on footy field use the goal mouth goin across front of goal ever do it by time go end to end upto a min then sprint end to end up2 2. or jog once up then sprint up n back if you got access to tredmill its easier cause you just do a min at say level 10 then go 2 AT level 16 ect.. cause of the intensity it rapidly builds up cardiovascular helps develop speed over middle distances you can use this or anything similiar ie: using metres jog for 10 sprint for 30 do it for bout 20mins try it it may help

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