Advice about the Army Pilots Course

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by sweaty_smudge, May 19, 2006.

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  1. Hello folks

    I'm after some advice about the Army Pilot's Course.

    I'm a 28 year old Sergeant in the Royal Engineers and have just started the application process. I have been told by my OC that REMCM won't allow me to transfer because my trade is at "Pinch Point" so he won't let the application continue!!!

    Firstly - Is this allowed? (Obviously I won't hold it against the Engineers forever if they don't let me at least try)

    Secondly - I have snuck in all my medicals under the radar which have all gone ok. If I can get as far as Cranwell what can I expect, mainly from the Army related test's (tanks, guns and battlegroup formations etc etc) How far in depth do I need to revise.

    Any other pearls would be greatly appreciated...........
  2. If you apply for your Pilots Course then it is simply that (A Course Application)! You attend the course as RE and then have a 4 year tour with us and if you don't or Can't transfer then you return to the RE.

    So you can tell your OC that your not transferring but applying for a course.
  3. Technically he can't refuse your application but he can make it difficult for you - my advice is don't take no for an answer. If you look back through this forum there are plenty of links etc to answer any questions. Good luck!
  4. Thought all SNCOs transferred across to AAC at end of course or has it gone back to the old system?
  5. no longer correct; you transfer on Wings now.
  6. However, its not an automatic transfer. You still have to fill out the relevant form (application) on completion of conversion and just that process can take a few months. As for the tests at cranwell, dont flap too much. Comming from the field Army you 'shouldn't' have too much of a drama. As crypt keeper said, you can't be refused the application process, but time and time again I hear stories of guys being given a hard time once their chain of command find out they want to give the course a crack. Just stick it out, you'll get there in the end. Its worth it!
  7. Took me five years to get my application past the CO and out of the unit. However, perseverance paid off - now been flying for the past 9 years!! It's the old adage - don't take "no" for an answer.

    Best of luck! :D