Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by McMee, Feb 22, 2005.

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  1. After filling out my wish list i settled back to recieve a varient of my choice, of course that is what anyone would expect. it seems that even the varients are unavailable and to be honest this is quite worrying. Dont get me wrong, im not about to cry all the way to the padres office but at this moment in time with less than enough time to square my boxes away (my life, it really does fit in a couple of boxes) i havent a notion of where i could end up! My woman is also worried and so is my landlord, it seems no-one can move forward until 'someone' says GO!

    Has anyone got any ideas as to any units that actually do want class 1's on their strength?
  2. Hmm works for me...

    Not Cyprus again ... Sigh!!!
  3. Believe it or not, I can recommend 14sigs. No where near as bad as every1 says, especially for a pad. Quarters are excellent. Facilities for adv trg and stuff (surfing and the like) are spot on. And it's not as out in the sticks as people make out. Still a 4 day week at present and still possibly moving anyway. Go on....... try it!!
  4. I'll second that. I spent a great 2 years at 14. Excellent working week, great location (suited me anyway), and quite busy. Really enjoyed it.

  5. I can recommend 16 Signal Regiment and or 7 Signal Regiment. As a person who was seconded to the Royal Signals for 2.5 years I really enjoyed my time in Elmpt.

    Notwithstanding the reality that all postings have certain challenges, this was my second to last posting, points to note:


    1. There is a growing community spirit in Elmpt
    2. The station Commander is ensuring that BOTH the single populace and married have adequate opportunities.
    3. Sport - me being a short stout person was subjected to lots of it, both involuntary and voluntary - thanks RSM - enjoy - I say this as now that I have left; I miss it and have joined a gym - NOT a WEAKMAN – CO@Elmpt
    4. The accommodation and quarters are second to none.
    5. The Welfare staff and station staff are second to none - thanks for your help.


    1. Too much happening
    2. People are fragmented in their employment
    3. The RAO department are under resourced
    4. Too much beer - I got more rotund at this posting

    16 Signal Regiment is a posting for what YOU make it - what YOU can contribute and above all enjoy. I appreciate that there has been a lot of negative posts recently - I have to say "MY grass was greener" by being seconded to the Royal Signals - I meet some VERY knowledgeable people, Secret Squirrel, Mincing Vinny (my god what he does not know is not worth knowing about IT), DoggyPaddleDave, A Hole, Cpl Horse, Wibblefishbanana, Bullshit (thanks for helping me with programming) & Stressed Eric, the list goes on. But I must mention H Troop 16 Signal Regiment – you were great.

    So as someone who has been cushioned by being in a “teeth arm” you boys have a lot going for you.

    Rant over