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Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by SomeBlokeInCivvies, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    No doubt will be shot down on this but, I have a leisure company and we offer synthetic ice rinks to hire. But I wanted to offer an ice rink for a week completely free of charge to the serving soldiers in Afghanistan at Camp Bastion for Christmas 2012 or whenever really.

    Any advice on who to contact would be great. I just thought it may be something that might be appreciated and bring a bit of Christmas cheer to a small number of people.

    Not looking for any PR, won't even publicise our name if it goes ahead.

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  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Thats so mental it would probably work.
  3. Interesting idea - what cube and weight does it take up - the RAF will bleat if they have to shift anything big, especially around Christmas with extra mail & parcels to shift - bad memories of a previous experience getting welfare kit into theatre in December.
  4. Just a thought. If you know someone who could help make it happen?
  5. We fit it on a 7.5 tonne lorry, but we wouldn't need all of the kit as I'm sure you have power, a marquee to serve skates from and tools etc. so we could reduce the weight and such like.
  6. Rear Party of a unit in theatre - You local to any unit thats currently deployed ?

    edited to add - But if its that big its going to cause some gnashing of teeth in the Loggy world....

    Give it a shot tho, its worth a punt just for the giggle !
  7. We're in Bedfordshire, not sure who would be closest that's deployed? I'll research that and maybe contact a unit locally.
  8. Try the Rockapes; RAF Honington is their current depot. Give them something else to stand next to.
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  9. Thanks. I'll try a few numbers tomorrow and see how we go. There's probably a million reasons it's not possible but if we can get it there then we'd love to do it.
  10. Getting a bit late in the day, but worth a try. As stated, the logistic chain is generally overwhelmed at this time of year and it may be a very real limitation as other cargo takes priority.

    Your first point of call should be the Brigade Welfare Officer at 20 Armoured Brigade to see if it is possible. He/she will then ultimately refer to Pers Ops at Headquarters Land Forces who will consider a range of things like gifts in kind ( there are clear guidelines on accepting these sorts of things, regardless of your intent). This will also take time as it makes it’s way through the civil servants to ensure it is managed within the rules.

    Not the first generous offer from the business world, what it really takes is some willing and uniforms to keep pushing the system to authorize it.

    Call the MOD switchboard on 020 7218 9000 and ask for the point of contact at 20 Brigade or Pers Ops at HQLF.
  11. incidentally... ive got a Dutch mate called Bastian. Hes not very camp though.
  12. You may also get people pissing and moaning about the 'extra' risk and possibility of guys getting injured on the rink. Hopefully not though as anything that breaks up the monotony can only be a good thing
  13. We were looking at 2012, figured even the most ardent red tape wielding pen pushers could give an answer within a year... Although I am prepared to be proven wrong.
  14. It's a great idea. Rumour has it that some anus is flying my wife and kids out so at least this will give them something to do.
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