Advice about Basic At Pirbright

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Soontobesignaller, May 9, 2010.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    I have been given a date 11/10/2010 (a while away because I am awaiting the birth of my son) and I was hoping to get some answers to questions I have bouncing around my head.

    i) As i am going to be on training over the Christmas period do I get time off? My wife is worrying I will miss our son's first Christmas.

    ii) What is the workload like? I'm obviously expecting to work hard, but is it 7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day??

    iii) Is PT done daily? Again, not complaining, I would enjoy it I'm sure!

    Last one... as I am joining the Royal Signals as a CSO I have six months training in Blandford. Does this mean I will be eligible for married quarters??

  2. 1, Most trg depots close for the xmas period but you'll find out when you get there or a courtesy phone call might just do the job

    2, Your a potential RS not Infantry soldier so work it out, mind you I'm not up to date on PH1 & PH 2 trg as much these days

    3, You'll be in the army & they'll also be a training programme to adhere to so knuckle down but daily PT for RS i'm not sure but being to a MATT standard then yes & get on with it, simples.

    Lastly as long as you are 'married' & there is sufficient allocated SFA available 'when' you apply then yes.

    N.B try the joining up section of the forum & you'll probably get better, recent as faster replies :wink:
  3. Thank you, I'm very new to this site. :D
  4. Im Arty so cant say much about phase 2 for sigs but Pirbright, it was 6 yrs ago that I was there almost, but daily PT is a yes, weekends are worked sometimes but usually its your time for admin. That doesnt mean you get to go home, though. As a married soldier I would say dont worry, its only 3 months and you get a weekend at home. If thats too much then sack it because tours are 6 months. And more feckin dangerous.
    Phase 2...I cant speak for sigs but normally I wouldnt bother with a quarter because you usually get every weekend off, and it would be easier for your wife if she didnt have to uproot and move homes... then a few months later, do it again. Im sure she will have her fill of that f*ck about over the years.