Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Pebbles015, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. Right!!!!!!!

    First, you activate a swear filter....bad enough.

    Then to top it all off, you've got adverts that are speaking ones!

    get a grip FFS

    Do you really want to alienate ALL your users?

    Yes it is your train set but you only own the track. Us poor cnuts are the trains.
    No trains, shiit trainset.
  2. Fuçk off with your whinge about singing ads, I've had them since fuçking forever. Go and see if MrsBee will give you a shoulder, or similar, to cry on. Go on, you know she wants you really
  3. Your alright there. She can fook off. To be fair, she wouldn't be here if it wasnt for me. I feel like Dr Frankenstein.
  4. She's a cyber stalker?
  5. One with an air of self grace. the worst kind.
  6. Don't worry. The normal arrse maidens will be along in the morning to chase her back into her 'ivory' tower
  7. Unless the licensing hours have drastically change, since I departed the UK's fair shores, and/or I've got my time zones wrong, Sluggy will be getting chucked out of whatever dive let her in in about 45 minutes. Call it 15 minutes for her to find a cab, another 1:30 for her to find one that will let her get in, 20 minutes for her to explain where she wants to go, another 20 for the driver to understand, 10 minutes to get home, 45 minutes of random phone calls, then 4 hours sleeping on the doorstep, another 30 minutes getting the key in the door, 15 to find and use the right one then an unspecified time on the sofa .

    So actually yes, you're right, in the late morning - not the hour or so I was originally thinking of
  8. Its funny actually. seeing her trying her luck on here, the lads getting a stiffy, then she gets chased off by the alpha female pack, makes me feel like david whatsitsface off the telly.
  9. It amazes me she keeps coming back to be honest. Turns up, floats round the edges, then flounces off having been roundly abused and or ripped - then does it again next Friday(ish)

    Who are you classing as the alpha females? I've got my list, but then I haven't really being playing close attention for all that long. Occasional lurking for a while, then charging in like a rhino in charging season - I hope I've got it right and I'm fitting in, and not looking like a dick
  10. You served with one of them fella.
  11. Scary Linda? Yeah, she's on my list.
  12. Wasnt the one i was thinking of but yeah, she's scary enough
  13. I didn't know there was a Linda, I was being all OPSECcy because I don't want to find a horses head in my chariot
  14. G-M is one
  15. That's who I meant. Her and Sluggy are on my list, and that's about it really