While I understand the need for advertising as it brings in ever important revenue is there any chance of re-designing the layout of the last 50+ / New Posts page so that the vertical banner advert down the right hand side isn’t so intrusive?

I’m being plagued at the moment with pictures of pouting anorexic blondes on the Elite Meeting advert or various love hearts and thumbnails of suntanned American blokes on some other dating website.

The small adverts top right like the Towergate Wilsons one are ok but the others although work safe are not, in my opinion, work suitable.

In General Settings - Thread Display Options we can un-tick the Show Avatars, Show Signatures and Show Images box. How about a Show Adverts tick box?

Back in the days of old Arrse we had the work safe view option. Any chance of something similar?

I don’t want to appear like I’m whinging but the constant sight of that skinny bird in her white knickers is really getting annoying. :|
Interesting that it's so intrusive and not something we want of course. Ads should not significantly interfere with useability. We do have a trick up our sleeve with this - watch this space.

By the way the old work safe theme did have ads and we do need them to survive - no ads no ARRSE. There is a balance to be struck and we will look again to make sure we haven't got it wrong. Anyway, thanks for the feedback and I'll come back on this one shortly.
Thanks Boss, I fully understand the need for Ads and most of them are not a problem but sitting at work with your browser showing this up the whole right hand side is a bit of a pain.

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