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adverts you like

hi all what is your favorite advert and why.

mine is the cadburys advert where that bird in the green top is
sat on that bloke. and you get a close up of her boob and nipple.

so whats yours?

yes i am a sexaholic.
I like most Beer adverts and the new Strongbow ones. Pot Noodle. And i also quite like the current Army ones. Still prefer the "Get Off the Road" one - made me join up anyway.

Oh and the Cadbury's bunny.
The Peter Kay one in the Ruby House.

"Wardrobe Monsters?, theres no such thing....It's the burglers coming through the window you need to worry about......Two more Lamb Bhunas here"
I'm a fan of all the Peter Kay - John Smith adverts. Have it...

Also loved the car advert that had a sort of domino effect made up of the component parts of the car. Quality.
Aye, that Irn Bru ad is quality, but I liked all the old Irn Bru bill board ads that the prudes tried to ban, funny as f*ck. Who is this f*ck by the way and is he really funny? :p
Cowhead said:
i also quite like the current Army ones. Still prefer the "Get Off the Road" one - made me join up anyway.

I still remember the "wheres Frank one" Some bloke on a jolly windsurfing.
Liked the Blackcurrent Tango advert. The one where some bloke starts having ago at some French exchange student who did'nt like the drink.
Anyone seen the VW Polo ones featuring the suicide bomber in central London? Only viewable on t'internet, i'll try and find a link, they're excellent!
The Visa add with the yellow/ochre Lambretta GP.....Makes me go into my garage and get my Lambretta yellow/ochre GP out but unlike the advert which was filmed in the sun i always end up getting piss wet through!

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