Adverts That REALLY Pi$$ You Off

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Legs, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. Sitting here, bored, on duty. Only Sky TV and ARRSE for company. Do you know what I keep hearing?

    Fcuking Barry Scott. Shouting about Cillit Bang. STOP FCUKING SHOUTING AT ME YOU TW@T!!

    Is this the most irritating advert on British TV.

    All answers here please!
  2. french car adverts-yes your cars are sh!te, they dont make me want to dance and paris is not in fact the most romantic city in the world it is it fact a sh!thole
  3. Nope

    Endowment mortgage claims
    Any other compensation company, injury or otherwise
    ocean finance
    purple something finance
    all the other bloody loans companies that have a fleecing rate of apr secured against your home

    I'm sure there are others, just watch uk history or other freeview programs

    bring back mini-adventures, the cat in the barcadi breezer advert and anything original + funny
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  4. adverts for bog roll or nappys that come on when your eating
  5. Sheilas Fcuking Wheels :evil: :evil: :evil:
  6. Panty liners. When was the last time a women bled blue tinted water when she was on the blob?
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  7. That one with the northern git who gobs off "You buy one - you get one free, I said you buy one you get one free". Who the fark is he and please tell me what he thinks he's wearing?
  8. I hate any of the ones that are blatantly and badly voiced over - anything made by Kindersurprise, etc.
  9. Dale the Snail's is usually blue.
  10. Yeah, but she's royalty. That doesn't count!
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  11. Arghhhh!!!! The one for insurance that says "Go on make mehhhh happy, make mehhhhh happy" and then "Ahhhhh just like his grandad" And all the one's that follow..................................arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Oh and Michael (t*at face) Winner "Calm down dear, it's only a commercial" I hate you and want to punch your face in. (part of my 40 million win would go on assassinating him as well as cat p*ss stinker).
  12. That tw@t who throws himself down a mountain into the path of an oncoming car, gets up puts his filthy fecking hands all over it and then says 'nice car'
  13. anything to do with cleaning products....i know domestos kills all known germs dead,of course theyre dead, you just bloody told me that you killed them..aaargh.
    Also, anything to do with beauty products FFS!!
  14. The 'Ather and Co' Solicitors ads that are shown up here during the day (never on in the evening) in the North East. It's fronted by a strange looking little man (one of the Ather's) who likes to drone on about the fact that they are a 'local company who don't take a penny and you keep the lot' to the strains of some dodgy Dutch porn movie guitar music. He is an irritating little man and that music is bloody awful. He has a face that I could punch all day long.

    The other 'Ambulance Chaser' ad, with that really big fat lad who looks and sounds as if he's an ex RAF Officer. The 'Accident Helpline' I believe they are called. He's probably lined himself up to sue Greggs the baker.

    The other one with the lass who walks into an office block foyer and doesn't see the lake of water on the floor, slips and falls and then goes on to tell you 'I got 5 thousand pounds, I was really pleased'. Yeah, I bet you were Chubby. Spent the lot on scratch cards as well no doubt.

    Any of these daytime 'no win no fee, you keep the lot, we don't take a penny' ads really.

    Oh, and all of the 'ladies sanitary' ads.
  15. The bloke who shouts aaaaaaaaaaaargh confused in a car insurance ad, followed by the bloke with the parrot on his shoulder for another. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease STOP!