Adverts that appear on ARRSE

How do I block these sodding adverts that appear on ARRSE, and is there any 'free' software that blocks popups etc. I have seen recommedatiosn for something called 'Adblock'......???
A simple google for 'ad-block' will reveal a number of browser plugins that will do the trick for you. I'm sure you can appreciate why we find it pretty irritating though!

We do work relatively hard to find a balance between making ads generate site income yet not ruining the usability/experience of the site. One of the things we shouldn't be having are pop ups/pop unders though so we'd ask for help in identifying and removing them if they do appear. A screenshot/URL and description of when it happens would be very useful for this.
Are we supposed to be getting very loud unwanted video ads? Perusal of the Ginger thread was rudely interrupted by loud music, which I had no idea how to stop and no idea where it was coming from. Also generated unwelcome attention from my 8 year old!

Djelli Beybii

I had one for "Visit the Pope in Jordan" ?

I do hope they mean the country and not that dirty slapper who's all over the papers.
Hmm, I get all sorts advertising "Lonely Milfs, only 3 miles away and living in Colchester!" Now how the f*ck do they know I live "near Colchester?"
Do you really want to know? It's a long boring techy tale. However, the short version is because they (Google) are clever chaps and figuring out relationships between apparently innocent data is what they do for a (very good) living.

Djelli Beybii

Funnily enough, I searched for Norwegian Cruises earlier, and then Ads about the Popes mass in Jordan pop up.

So, I think we can safely guess what kind of websites Vanya has been looking at.

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