Adverts love em hate em - all threads in here please

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Wirecutters, May 26, 2003.

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  1. :)

    I'm utterly utterly bored. Television is so terrible that I'm getting more enjoyment out of the adverts. Therefore, I feel the need to express my current likes / dislikes of TV adverts. There is only one at the moment, making me chortle ever so slightly...

    The one for "make authentic food at home (out of a packet)" Tikka Masala, with the hot towels being brought out at the end of the meal.

    "Mmmmmmm lemony!" :D

    Dislikes, as ever... anything from the Halifax. Makes me ashamed to be a customer. :mad:
  2. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    The one with the Brummie guy and his girlfriend at the garage -

    "Dont....Don't you want me baby?, whoa, whoa whoa whoa whoa"
  3. Does anyone remember those Hieneken adverts from the 80s that were in two parts?! I loved them! I particularly hate cat food adverts - can't stand cats and the kind of single women who love them............. ::)
  4. The ground breaking 5 part Carling Black label advert
    Started in the supermarket and ended as a spaghetti western, with normal adverts in between -class

    Carling Dambusters

    Tango - I'm Ray Gardener, sales director for Tango, and I've had a letter from a foreign exchange student.....

    Amazingly, some bloke has it on his site

    Heineken "That ain't the Blues" - laughing as I type this

    The indian Peugoeut advert - The bit at the end where they're rocking in the car - lol see that every day of the week here.

    The Nike world cup adverts - Elvis redux, and some amazing skills

    The "Callard and Byeser terrifically tasty toffee Biggles adverts" "Can't jump Skipper, vertigo, Grinds going rind and rind" and "I told them you might know something"

    Lynx effect Pied Piper advert, or the Jennifer Aniston one. Bit unbelievable though, who the hell would leave Jennifer aniston at home ironing your shirt, and go out for the night with Cathy Lloyd? Christ on a Bicycle, she's been 29, since I was in short pants.
  5. lololol Cheers PTP just reminded me of the Carling Dambusters add. ;D ;D ;D
  6. I was beginning to think I'd imagined the five part carling black label ad (complete with twinkling gold teeth) - thank god I'm not losing my marbles.  It's still my ambition to ride a galloping horse down the toilet roll aisle of Safeways on pension day.

    The John West salmon advert and carling crab adverts are my recent faves.

    However, personally I would promote the chap who came up with the idea of a sultry looking kylie in stocking and sussies on a bucking bronco machine to the rank of 'Living God' immediately .

    Anyway all of the above are at Punchbaby (including Kylie). Enjoy!
  7. "Ah ambassador, with these cheap tacky chocolates you are really spoiling us"  ;D ;D ;D

    Has to be the daddy!

    Dislikes include the old Werthers Original ads - "My granddaddy used to give me Werthers Originals and I knew I was in for a real treat, soft strong and uncommonly good (or whatever)" - English country scenes evoking a better age where honest craftsmen laboured to produce the finest sweeties known to man etc. etc.  Right.  As far as I know you couldn't even get Werthers Originals in this country until 1995 and, since they are German, presumably the granddaddy in the advert had filched them off some Nazi corpse in the Normandy bocage   ;D

    And don't even get me started on the hideous corporate PR type adverts, like the current Orange ad, where they try to pretend that they are all happy families making a better world, rather than the evil asset stripping, environment defiling filth we know them to be.  :mad:

  8. The most annoying at the moment are safestyle uk windows adverts - the chuckle brothers and some other twat repeatedly spouting off "buy one, get one free, i said, buy one get one free!!!" - if i ever meet the tossers!! :mad:
  9. Tchoh!

    Don't you know your Chuckle Brothers from your Cannon and Ball ?  
  10. Thanks oracle, i stand corrected. Still tossers tho!!!
  11. absolutely - love to give them both (chuckle brothers AND cannon and ball) a good shoeing.
  12. What about the Budweiser Frogs/Lizards adverts.
    Bad beer, good ads.
  13. Has to be Kylie in the Agent Provocateur adverts.  Am not sure if this was ever screened on the TV, I think the fun police might have decreed it a little too saucy and therefore it was restricted to being shown at cinemas and then only before a certificate 15 or 18 film.

    If any woman (preferably looking at least a little like Kylie... though I'd settle for Danni) wants to come over to mine and gyrate like that (preferably with me playing the part of the bucking bronco), I'll buy them all the Agent Provocateur underwear that they can carry!
  14. how about the Fosters 'save the earth' Ad?

    2 minutes of how we are killing the earth with our evil ways finally telling us what are our options are....last option -'just say bollocks to it!' cue the bottle swigging kangeroo -was in the cinema when we first saw it and the place fell apart laughing.... ;D

    is still Piss weak lager though.....
  15. zx6

    zx6 Swinger

    Ooooooh, Kylie's Agent Provocateur. Could watch it again and again and again ad-infinitum.

    One set of ad's which should never have made it to tv, must be Michael Winner/eSure car insurance. How awful are they? I'll give that old bint "Hello, Mum"! She's so old, her mum MUST be dead by now  :)