Adverts I hate

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Proximo, Apr 6, 2006.

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  1. Straight off the bat, and before some smug git gets in there, I am well aware that the purpose of an advert is to create product awareness and knowledge, thereby creating desire etc etc etc.

    In spite of that, there are certain adverts that really pi$$ me off.

    Top of the Flops right now is the utterly ghastly 'Nutrisse' advert with the appallingly untalented Davina McCall.

    'Nutrisse means nourish' she gushes to the hopeless no-life plucked from obscurity to play her mother. 'Are you shure your hair suits colour?' she warbles before being pitched into oblivion - possibly forever.

    'Nutrisse' doesn't mean 'nourish' at all - in fact, it has no meaning beyond that which Garnier have ascribed to it.

    Cnuts. Anymore??
  2. SPLISH AND CHIPS (Lea and Perrins) with the French tart, always find myself shouting at the TV much to the wifes amusement
  3. Oh Gawd yes! Top of the Bile List at the moment is the vapid, simpering, cod-sensual bint who extols the superiority of M&S foodstuffs. Food porn is bad enough, but when its combined with a "poor/stupid/unappreciative oiks need not apply" sub-text, it brings out the Caliban in me. (And no, Caliban is not an alcohol-free lager.)
  4. Any hair or skincare product adverts make me want to leap on the t.v with an enormous Mlaaaaaaaar and nut it into oblivion!!
  5. The Marks and Spencers adverts.... where the food isn't just.... its m&s....
  6. All of those '"in debt? why not get more in the form of a magic loan' and 'while walking across an obviously wet floor I slipped and fell.....' ads!! Then all of those women only car insurance ads!!
    And people say Im a self contained ball of hate! ;)
  7. Greedy, bespectacled, cunning, disingenuous real estate loan originator: "Lost another loan to Di-Tech!"
  8. WKD vodka drink (I think) - dog with bad legs in wheelbarrow thingy and 'lads' fighting to get last drink.

  9. Hows that for timings Injury lawyers for you with the smug guy on the lie detector
  10. Noisy, aggressive obnoxious, irrational, ill-groomed young man (what you folks call a "chav") raving against condoms: "It's a plot!" Etc., etc.

    Prim blonde girl tells him: "Use some or get none."

    Very high class advertising.
  11. #Tresemmé, de de de#

    "I love making women look and feel great!"


    And good call on the M&S adverts - that woman needs a kicking with a JCB - and why can't she speak properly?
  12. Another real estate mortgage loan ad that recommends borrowing more than the balance due at closing and using the excess proceeds to invest in "some furniture or that hot internet stock..." Brilliant idea.
  13. Norwich Union: 'I want you to quote (sorry - 'kwort') me happy!'

    Stupid cnuts.

    Bev? Kev! Bev? Kev! [Repeat forever]

    Death is too good for these utter losers.
  14. RTFQ


    I currently like the radio advert with a bloke who describes how he traps off with a girl, takes her back to his, they start kissing "Then she put up a struggle, but I thought she liked it your Honour"

    Then it goes on to describe how raping people is wrong. I now live in a country where people have to be reminded on local radio that raping someone is wrong. What. The. Fuck?
  15. I did'nt know you lived in Norwich!