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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by oscar1whisky, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. walking to work tonight, i saw a van advertising "kite surfing and paintball, anytime, anywhere". on phoning (as you do ) i discovered that they can't/won't do kite surfing in the albert hall, and a request for paintballing in downing st met with silence. should i be outraged? should i contact the advertising standards police? merry yule, arrsers.
  2. An out right scandal! I bet they wouldn't go for a paintballing match, in London, at a tube station, with the MET there!

    The cnuts!
  3. I'm Outraged! Thoroughly outraged I tell you!

  4. Can we paintball on the tube dressed in Brazil kits?
  5. I felt the same way about the Cinzano adverts, "Anytime, anywhere, anyplace" or somesuch nonsense. You just try mixing a cocktail in the outside lane of the M4 and see what the police have to say!
  6. Anybobdy old enough to remember this advert?

    I tried it, didn't even make the front door.....pah!

  7. Don't knock it, it's more reliable than public transport.