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I’m thinking, what is the worst kind of advert. One that is so horrifically bad? One that you will never remember as it is so bad? One you could never forget because it is so bad?

Adverts are something that people always seem to want to skip, the BBC I like simply because last night I managed to watch Die Hard 3 all the way through on the TV, without the interruption of adverts.

However some adverts go beyond annoying and stupidity, and really make you question yourself about why you would buy/use their product. Sure whoever made the advert has made it stick in your mind and you remember the brand, but is it for all the right reasons? Humour and stupidity can be done to good effect in an advert, even when totally over the top. The problem with such adverts as (the series) is that there is no humour to go with the stupidity.

Something stupid without humour doesn’t work. The humour needs to make you either laugh at it, or laugh with it, but stupid acts don’t work without humour. Stupidity and making fun out of gullible people does, it’s not nice, but it does work. The gocompare adverts and with them, similar adverts of dread, are plainly stupid, have nothing of humorous value in them, and are that dreadful you can’t even laugh at them.

At least with the bounty adverts (kitchen cleaning) the two old biddies which are men in disguise are actually doing something vaguely related to the product they are trying to push, with those adverts I remember them and know that it’s about cleaning and their product. With gocompare, all I remember is a really loud and annoying jingle. When you make jingles both annoying and catchy, that’s what people will remember about the advert, not what you are trying to peddle.

I do genuinely like a lot of adverts; I appreciate an advert with thought and effort in it. The majority of the adverts that Guinness make are brilliant, some (the horses in the sea) I would class as outstanding, and the massive domino advert they had not all that long ago, I loved.

Such adverts where immense time and effort has been invested, to make the perfect finished advert from someone’s genius thoughts, always catch my eye. Before the Halifax adverts started turning in to a karaoke fest, they used to do some epic ones.

Favourite adverts from recent years include
The greatest car advert ever (in my opinion)
Again for the Honda accord
Guinness Evolution

I could go and search endlessly for some cracking adverts, I’m not just talking about some of the best adverts in the past few years, or the ones that people always remember either for being good or bad, or simply remembering the product. I’m talking about that niche of adverts where people have sat down, planned something "different" that hasn’t been done before, and really appreciated that not all people that watch TV are mindless f**kwits.

See, good adverts can be made, and I think are only emphasised and enhanced when such crud as the gocompare adverts are aired. I don’t even know why they make different adverts as they are all identikit copies of each other!

Good adverts are the ones that stick in your mind, the ones that you remember what they are advertising, can be both intricate and simple (sometimes the genius is in the simplicity) and are the kind of adverts they put adverts in the TV guide for to remind you when its first going to be shown.

Sign of a good advert? The fact that people plan when they are going to sit down in front of the TV to watch it, as such with many recent Guinness ads.
Iceland ads, keeping Z list "celebs" in employment long after they should have died away. Or just died.
The afternoon claims adverts! just before the adverts for women who gush p1ss every time they walk on the beach
Mascara adverts every couple of months there is a new one that say's, new thicker and longer lashes
If that satement was true women would have have sixfoot trees attached to their eyes by now.


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We buy any car dot com.

Iceland adverts I fecking hate them. Buy our frozen Shite, have you noticed not even the arses in the advert eat the feckin crap.


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Bodyform adverts....I mean ffs us women cringe as well.......the iceland adverts because NOT all Mum's go to Iceland.....Go Compare adverts ....I would be worried if that fat fucker was in my car wrecking my suspension.
Fecking Davina McCall is everwhere, hair, make-up and some stupid fecking dancing programme. Wants a good seeing too with a bag of rusty claymores. Just get her orf the fecking telly.
Gungythree said:
Meerkats,gobby little feckers,coming over here and stealing our jobs,send them back to Poland where they belong

I think you will find they are from the soviet
The one with the rollerskating babies. Clever, but it aint half freaky 8O
Famine aid adverts, always come on when i'm stuffing me face.
BirdMagnet said:
What is with the cash for gold adverts? Have all the gypo's run out of things to nick now and resorted to selling their bling instead?
It's just the gold buyers trying to muscle in on the stolen goods market:

"Dear burglars, fed up of the risk of finding a reliable fence for your nicked jewellery? We can help! Simply stick the bling in a bag and post it to us, we'll give you more money than your fence ever will, we won't ask any awkward questions about ownership and will conveniently melt all the evidence down within days of you cashing your cheque just in case the plod come knocking."
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