Adverse conditions - Personal resilience, lack of and how would you manage?

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Some of my "Armageddon" kit.
Well this morning I am preparing some mule deer for the arrival of the inlaws tomorrow. I will soak the meat in coke until tomorrow night, and then I will rub it down with a cherry bbq seasoning to smoke on Friday. I hate buttermilk so I won’t use that to prepare any game meat and coke lasts longer. It’s always a decent idea to have some if you plan on eating the wild game.
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I've seen something like that before...

In the bog after a stonking night on Guinness!


Not quite , if fact you beat us hands down . List of countries by obesity rate - Wikipedia
That link can't be right, there are moon faced celebs on the telly every night telling us they are "charity ambassadors" or whatever, who have been going to places for years and pleading "it's never been worse" and asking for cash to provide water / food / Maybachs or whatever to places ahead of us on that list.

Or ....are 10% of the country (the elite) the size of spacehoppers and they average it out?.......... yours, confused etc.


Also, if they have been going there for years for selfies and quickies, why not friggin stop and donate the airfare, if £3 will feed a township for a year or whatever....
We tend not to hunt them in petting zoo`s in the UK , you would doing well to get with 100yds around here ,usually 200-300 yds and much further.
They wander through my garden next to the house, even shot them in the ass with my Red Ryder to get them to move along. Pretty easy to get one with a 22 from my veranda.

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