Adventurous Training Exped in Term 2 - Info Please

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Danielsonson, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    I appreciate this is a little ahead of myself but I will soon be heading to Shurst and I am interested in knowing more about the requirements of the Adventurous Training Expedition we are expected to organise at the end of Term 2.

    I am keen to do a North Pole attempt and have been busy planning this expedition (in isolation to Shurst preparation) but thought if i could splice the two together.....winner!

    Can anyone give insight into what is expected? what is allowed extra.

    Thanks in advance

    DB :D
  2. Blimey...there is a JSP somewhere that covers what counts as Adventurous Training and what is purely sport, or Bloody Hard Work. Something to do with it furthering the participants military usefulness and team cohesion etc through a challenging medium.

    I suspect a North Pole attempt might not be achievable in the week (IIRC) you get to do the Exped, may cost a massive amount (as adv trg you MUST make a personal contribution of 30%) and so on. Also are you confident that you could get the other party members from your intake? The adv trg rules state something about the make up of the exped (for an example, we had to use a civvi dive leader, BUT first had to exhaust the British Army listed dive leaders before we could use a civvi).

    Of course, you could still plan it and ask the question. maybe your first CO would bite your arm off at the chance of all that PR from having the first Regimental exped to the North Pole.

    Someone who has completed a JSATFA (the application form for Adv Trg) more recently than me (so in the last 7 years) may be able to shed more light.
  3. From limited involvement in a RN Exped to Svalbard, I would say contact the Army Mountaineering Association - they'll have all the info you need and will be able to provide the specialist advice required. I suggest it might be a little adventurous for your phase 2 AT.....
  4. They'll vito the North Pole....... They pretty much vito'd anything outside of Europe based on cost. As good an exped as that sounds, unless you can sort out some sponsorship and funding I'd shoot lower because that's the way it is!
  5. 'Vito'... is that the Mercedes Vito, a spacious people carrier? :wink:


    North Pole - unless you are prepared to break a world speed record and fund the whole thing yourself. You are far better off keeping that in your back pocket till you get to your unit, then impress the hell out of your CO with one serious AT exped.

    Outside Europe - yes (wrong there i'm afraid MC), and plenty of RMAS expeds have gone abroad. Mine was to Belize - diving.

    However, If the current AT Maj/Lt Col (Retd) is the same as the one that was there when I went through the factory, then I shouldn't expect anything more than a one week walk in the Pennines with a few cucumber sandwiches and accommodation at YMCA. To say he was risk adverse would be a serious understatement. The biggest hurdle is not financial as long as people are prepared to stump up their own cash - its instructor/qualified persons ratios for your chosen activity.

    Hope this helps....
  6. Thanks Everyone - Good sound advice.

    Interestingly you can do pole attempts anywhere from 5-15 days

    obviously the work is in the prep - good point re: funding it is likely to cost £10's of k's which might make the CO wince.

    Thanks again

  7. Save the big exped for your unit - the lads would appreciate it more, you'll probably have more time to plan / raise funds etc and you should view the RMAS AT more of a chill and learning epxerience. Personally, i'd try and arrange some trecking in a sunny clime (Med, N Africa etc).
  8. I may be wrong, but I thought RMAS Students just went to North Wales for the week for their AT?

    On the JSAT courses calendar RMAS seem to book out Indefatigable quite often.
  9. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I went to Zimbabwe - trekking in the Chimanimani Mountains.

    A marvellous time with a spot of safari for R&R.
  10. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I went to Zimbabwe - trekking in the Chimanimani Mountains.

    A marvellous time with a spot of safari for R&R.

    Oh - and at a cost of about £400 per person. So less than a lot of the European based expeditions.
  11. Do they still allow scuba diving expeditions? I was involved in one that went to Egypt for a week - excellent fun and good AT. Everyone gained a qualification; we even came second in the expedition competition (even though we were on a live-a-board boat).