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I recently had a thread regarding joining up, and am starting through the initial processes of joining.

A big thing the Army seems to like advertising is the ability to do your sport in the Army and the Adventurous training. Looking at what adventurous training opportunities are available there seems to be some pretty fantastic looking options!

My question is, is it hyped up or can you really become a diving instructor or do mountaineering etc all paid for by the Army?
What kind of things have some of you serving guys done?

I was also talking with a family friend who used to be in the RAF, he said when he was serving the RAF used to help pay for him to compete in the motor-sport he used to compete in.
Do they still help pay for this kind of thing or is it all past luxuries?

This isn't the reason I am wanting to join, but I sure sweetens the deal a lot. (well at least appears to.

Thanks all
I don't know about now, but when I was in thirty years ago we had blokes who played rugby at county and national level, skiers, bobsleighers, hockey players and one bloke who used to 'dive for the RAF'. It was, of course, utter bollocks. He used to dive for himself and was never in the hangar. Nevertheless, he had a permanent tan and on the few occasions when we actually saw him, had some dazzling piece of fanny clinging to him. The only thing I dived other than the Med, the Caribbean and from the sky was some very desperate and aesthetically-challenged laydees. So, yes, it can be done - or could. Go Crab Air though, as the Army is way too shouty and is more 'No you ******* can't' rather than 'I see no reason why not'.
Yes you can. It depend on the unit - all you need is a motivated individual to organise it. So far this year my company has been on 2 weeks of low-level AT (Lake District hill walking etc) and is sending a number of guys to hike some of the Appalachian Trail in August. Also had individuals compete in Corps/Army rugby/skiing/cross country. Next year, we are doing regimental AT to Nepal.

The opportunities are out thhere, they just require looking for.
Just join any Infantry unit mate, every Wednesday you'll be windsurfing, Friday afternoons para gliding. Rock climbing is normally on Tuesday and canoeing is Thursdays thing. Mondays are reserved for coming back from weekenders and booking on to your adventure training courses for the week.
In the mid-90s, there used to be an advert called There's Frank. It showed two guys, sat bored in a cafe. "I see Frank's joined the Army then," one of them says. Cuts alternately, to British squaddies, with an arrow pointing "There's Frank", skiing in Norway/rock climbing in Germany/windsurfing in the Carribean, etc; and back to his old mates, in the cafe, still bored.

The advert ends with Frank walking along a tropical beach hand in hand with a pretty lass, into the sunset.

While it's not always like that, I have the Army to thank for the scuba diving, paragliding, skydiving, skiing, mountain trekking, as well as any sport I ever wanted to do, and get paid for it as well.

If you're really good at a particular sport, the Army will back you, and push you to succeed. They are very big on rugby and boxing. Still big on cross country, football and athletics. Anything from representing your unit to Olympic standard, in which case you will be pretty much on full time training and competing.

Good luck whatever you choose to do.
Thanks for the replies, I knew there'd be at least one wet_blobby, gave me a small chuckle at least.

Timble, so if one is willing to pull finger and organize, not wait for others to do the hard work there is plenty of opportunities.

Like I said this isn't my main reason for joining but it certainly does sweeten the deal, and to do many of these thing's in civi world would be pretty expensive, and a lot harder to organize in some of the more exotic locations.
Wet Blobby was bullshitting about Friday afternoons spent para-gliding. How can you possibly be paragliding when you will be winging it home to your mum who thinks the world of you, and the local slappers whom you can impress with your tales of derring-do?

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