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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ally_tol3, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. I am on adventure trg a week monday, im on weekend leave at the moment, does anyone know if we have to where civi clothes when hill walking or can we where are 95 trousers?
  2. I always thought mixed dress was a no no!!
  3. Wah
  4. you will look a cnut

    and answer to your question ? no.

    are you staying at halton camp? if so, un-fcuking-lucky :D
  5. **** knows where we staying some where within the welsh land!!!! what u reccomend then to where when walking??? n cavin etc
  6. all your kit for caving etc will be provided for ya

    as will all your waterproof jackets etc

    in the unlikely event you've got lowas take them.

    shame your not doing it at halton the accomodation there is second to none... not.

    also you'll miss out on the "cheese press" when caving
  7. found pic of cheesepress :D

    it was a nightmare

  8. oh ah bit off a tight fit ay,