Adventure/Travel Television Programme. Ex-NCOs required!!!

TV production company are looking for ex or soon to be ex-British Forces NCOs who are interested in presenting & travelling across extraordinary places in an extraordinary way.[/B]

We need to talk to people who...

  • are intelligent, can articulate themselves and have an opinion
  • have been on the ground in hostile and threatening environments
  • who are interested in people and different cultures. This programme would require you to build relationships and live with locals. Hearts & minds for real.
  • have a sense of humour, can take the piss put of themselves and get on with a team
  • if you have any previous experience on camera that is a bonus, but not essential

Take a look at our website (Indus Group: Indus Films & Indus Television) to see what we do. Then if you want to talk more drop me an email at

We're looking to meet people and screen test in the next 2 weeks (in London) so if you're up for it send me a one page CV/description of yourself, picture (military & civilian if poss) and any video clips you may have and I'll get back to you ASAP.

All the best,
Kieron Townend
Why only NCOs? You do realise that Bruce was an Officer?

Will this TV spectacular be based on a Op Raleigh type sketch or will it be totally free of banging lots of teenage fanny whilst larging it as a "military expert"?

Yours curiously of Op Raleigh (retd)

Indeed Bruce was. If you are or know of any officers who haven't already expressed an interest with Indus do please drop me a line at the above email.

I'm afraid it wouldn't be a Raleigh type engagement. Not leading a group. Just presenter, crew and some incredible places and people to meet.

Drop me a line at the above email for more info.

i'm really interested and have participated and led some harsh expeds....unfortunately i meet none of your criteria
I'm precisely what you're looking for. Unfortunately for you, I'm also far too good looking for the small screen. I'm holding out for a remake of Lawrence of Arabia if you're interested.
No chance I only do history, now if it was Tales of the II Legio Agusta.

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