Adventure Travel Fim Festival 16-18 August 2013

UK Festival 16-18 August 2013 : The Adventure Travel Film Festival

This Event is now on its third year in the UK. It is aimed at anyone who is either thinking of/...planning/...or actually doing a trip or a tour, even those those who just love the idea of doing so.... a excursion in a manner apart from the mainstream.

A weekend event, where you park your tent or camper and mix and mingle. The rough guide to the weekend is that there are about 5 showings a day..of 3 or 4 films at a time, and you go to the one that appeals to you.

eg Morning.

1) Screen 1 Kayakers around the Canadian Coast
2) Screen 2 Cycling to China
3) Motorcycling across the Sahara
4) Camera work and sound on a budget.

Night time is an often rare of forgotten showing of a film, where you can drink your Ale or Beer and consume your spitroast pig sarnie.

During the day there are often foraging, cooking, navigation, mechanical repair lessons going on that may be of interest.

it is a cracking event to just mellow out and see what crazy crap other people get up to on their do not have to have any travel credentials or feel the need to have done a big trip to feel like a " proper overlander ".

It is open to everyone, so do not think this is a motorcycle type of do get a lot of overlander motorcyles, but it is open to all ( good point too, as us motorcyclist are boring as hell )

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UK : The Adventure Travel Film Festival

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