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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Mandsandad, Jun 3, 2013.

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  1. Hi all

    I'm a paramedic in the initial stages of joining the TA as a CMT. The unit I'm wanting to join is keen for me to join due to a combination of low numbers generally (especially in the detachment nearest to me), and especially my civilian quals / experience.

    I'm hoping that both careers will help one another, but (putting my cards on the table) I'm also wanting to try and get everything I can out of the TA. A big personal dream of mine is to learn to sail.

    The unit has told me that the TA is brilliant etc etc and aswell as paying for my next degree, giving me teaching & leadership quals, will also teach me to sail if I'm so inclined via adventure training. They have told me that I am paid my daily wage when on my 'sailing course' and that the fee for the course is heavily subsidised.

    I have a feeling I'm being strung a yarn (re: sailing) - are such things commonplace?

    Do I have to serve for a few years before being eligible?

    How would I access such courses? I go as an individual, others from the detachment do not have to go?

    **Stupid question alert** - My wife obviously cannot go on such courses?

    The keen-ness of those I've spoken to makes me a little nervous things may be getting a little exaggerated.


  2. You are not being 'strung a yarn'. Once a member of the TA you will be entitled to apply for Adventurous Training courses, which include sailing. There are loads of them spread across nine disciplines: sailing, sub-aqua diving, climbing, mountaineering, skiing, caving, gliding, mountain biking, parachuting/paragliding. You can apply for any course as long as you meet the criteria (experience and relevent qualifications, mostly) but your unit has to approve it as they are liable for your transport and subsistence and, being TA, your pay per training day. This will be your stumbling block - do you have the trg days to spare? The unit will also organise its own AT activities which you should be given the opportunity to attend. This does not happen as much as it used to. Once you have got some AT quals, you will be able to lead these events, thus guaranteeing that you get to go. Re the wife - no such thing as a stupid question. Mine can go, but then she is a serving regular officer. Yours will have to join up if she wants the taxpayer to invest in her personal development.
  3. Yes the TA will take you sailing

    No, your wife cannot go.
  4. Cheers orgASMic

    What do you mean training days to spare? Am I allocated training days as an individual or is there a central unit pool? Do I have to accrue training days like A/L with some companies? ie. x number per year, or if I make x number of drill / training weekends then I gain a training day etc.?
  5. You'll have to get the detail from someone in the TA. As far as I know, you have a number of days of military training that you have to do a year in order to qualify for your bounty. Some of those the unit will organise for you (exercises, mandatory training and such), some you might be able to use for AT. When you are on TA duty (AT is duty) you will get paid for each day. Your unit must budget for those days so, if you have done enough to get your bounty, your unit might not be able or willing to pay you for the extra days you need to complete the next sailing qualification you have set your heart on or they might want you to do a military qualifying course instead, as that is what the unit needs more than your day skipper's ticket.

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  6. Technically you will have a limit [likely to be around 100 MTD's [MTD = basically a days pay]].
    However, the unit has an overall limit.

    If you are committed your unit may well allow you to go over your allowance of MTDs, particularly if the overrun is for a course that benefits the unit eg a PTI course, or a Sailing Course which then means you can organise a Sailing Exped for your unit.

    The amount of AT you are allowed and paid do is very unit dependent.