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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by lucky_number_ten, Oct 15, 2010.

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  1. Just been reading about the adventure training weeks at Sandhurst during term breaks. I had presumed that they would be held somewhere in the UK, but it says that Scandinavia, USA, Africa or Asia could also be possible locations!
    Anyone got any tales to tell about their AT?
  2. Bumping an old thread, but I'd be interested to know the sort of choice you get. I always assumed it was adventure training activities in Wales (Climbing, Hill walking, caving) or something similar.
  3. Whilst this may be an old thread that you're bumping, at least you know how to use the search function :thumright:

    Quite an intriguing query as well, I had also assumed that the adventure traning would be relatively local.
  4. Thanks, if slightly patronising. I am a “Long time reader, not frequent poster” …or something like that. Not long till your main board Yorkshire lad, best of luck with it. What intake are you aiming for? I am CC132, so just under a year now.
  5. The sooner the better, but I don't mind a wait really. If I score the pass then I'll be one of those who is ringing every other week to check if there have been any more drop outs that I could potentially take the place of. If I end up with a long wait then it isn't so bad, I can just make the most of the free time and try do a few exciting things in and around work.

    What are you doing now that you've passed and have such a long wait ahead?
  6. PM'd you so as not to highjack this thread off topic
  7. My knowledge is 6 years old; take that as you will, as the course is constantly evolving. For the AT course in the first week of you first leave period, the majority of people undertook the Mountain Leader Training (MLT) in either Wales or Yorkshire. There were others who went for a qualifying course in Kayaking, climbing etc, but these were on the whole those who already had the MLT award or could not fit onto the course.

    In the second period of leave, you are (were) required to undertake an expedition, planned by the cadets yourselves. We went mountain biking in Morzine, S. France for a week, and had a great time. Others went sailing, walking, climbing, bike-touring - just depends what you can justify to your AT representative.
  8. What Timble said. Be careful about your course allocation at the end of juniors- I am still relieved that my 'Open Foundation Canoe' in N Wales finishing on Christmas Eve was cancelled because the centre was snowed in...

    At the end of Inters, you organise your own AT, and it's as good or as rubbish as you make it- Patrick Hennessey either talks bollocks (if you say you haven't read it, I won't believe you- I recommend 'Callsign Hades' as an alternative) or is seriously dated. There's a cash prize for the best expeds, so write a good PXR. We won it for ski-touring in Austria, which was an excellent choice, because it meant all of us had a much better idea of how AT works in Germany, and what you can reasonably expect to do with the resources out there, as well as good contacts etc. Other good trips I remember went diving in Malta and walking the last bit of the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage. Don't expect to go outside Europe- keep it realistic. Skydiving in Germany is also a good and popular choice.

    And get thinking/ planning etc by the end of Juniors. You will develop significant 'don't-give-a-****-itis' by the end of the drag that is Inters.

    As at CC103.