Adventure Training

Wasn't sure whether or not to post this in TA or on here. Being a Tiger myself, does anyone know what AT instructor courses are available for the TA, and what quals/experiance you need to get onto them?

I had a list a few years back when i went on my TA(B) PTI course, cant remember if it was printed from JPA or Army Net, or the JSP no for it! It had all of the available AT courses at the time. All I can seem to find now is courses available for Class 1 PTIs to do their AT instructors courses in Wales.

Any ideas?
Have a look in JSP 419 - this contains all of the course details you'll need including pre-course standard, quals gained and civilian equivalents etc.

Failing that, try going to and look in their publications link on the right hand side.


Just make sure you check that your unit will give MTDs for it, or that you are willing to work C1 before you spend a lot of time and effort finding out about them.

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