Adventure training

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by lgnd-bev, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. Dose anybody know what you do in adventure training ?
    Thanks guys. Ryan.
  2. Normaly some training thats adventurous....

    Or seriously adventure training covers things like rock climbing, hill walking, kayaking. Almost any civilian activity that could benefit you as a soldier i.e. doing something in as safe a way as possible but in a dangerous enviroment.
  3. often used to get people working outside their comfort zone, for example at hight on a high ropes course/climbing, in water kayaking etc
  4. Im not sure if its done in phase one anymore, adventure training was held at fremmington then moved to sennybridge where you would do a 25 mile yomp, rock climbing and absailing, caving and canooing or kayacking.
  5. A 25 mile yomp???? or is that 25 miles of hill walking???
    Bit of a difference
  6. we done 30k's walking ... you can hardly class it as a yomp lol, rest of what mattrlc said is correct. caving is gash!
  7. The saving grace of the Army. You can learn to climb(in a real environment), Canoe, Sail, Cave, Ski, Parachute, Scuba dive, work on Glaciers, loads more I'm sure. The training IS challenging and in some cases arduous but thats what we really like. Go for it throughout your career and enjoy yourself. It beats working and if you find a few things you enjoy then someone is always organising a trip somewhere where Unit places are allocated. I found that it was the same people that turned up on these time after time and we had a ball.
  8. We got thrashed over the beacons, wish it was just a strole.
  9. you didn't...
  10. Fremmington; good times. im really pi55ed off there closing it down actually, it was my favorate.
  11. Must be one of THEM.

    By all means walking over the brecons isn't easy, it's a set of whopping great hills, but it's literally just walking on adventurous training, not an advanced PT session :?
  12. Did adventure training last week at Halton TC. We did hill walking (helvellyn) , caving, climbing/abseiling and kayaking :wink:
  13. How was the caving? Were you crawling through tiny holes and whatnot?
  14. You might not even do caving really, I know when I did AT I was already pre-loaded onto the activities I was doing, however the civilian instructors might ask do you want to khayak at the sea or down a river, for example.

    Anyway.. back to the question, what do you think? :roll:
  15. Set up in the late '70's to off set the operational NI tours with the 'boredom' of training tours. The Adventure Training programmes were designed to give folks a good insight into a particular adventurous activity without having to invest in purchasing kit, joining/ registering with sports organisations et al. Hopefully having had this insight they would be motivated enough to pursue it in their own time with the minimum of military assistance.

    I ran of one the JSPC 's for a period between my op tasks. Best job I ever had in the military.