Adventure Training with Civilian Companies

I have been asked to book some coasteering for my unit with a civilian company as a team building activity day. What are the legalities of this? I have checked the company is registered with the AALA and has public liability insurance, does anyone know if I need to do anything else as these guys will be on duty? Any help would be appreciated this is the first time I have had to sort adventure training out using a civilian company.

The DIN only talks about personnel using companies off duty, on expeditions etc.


Get your Admin instruction and any budget requirements signed off by your OC, include a training risk assessment and publish the activity on unit Part Ones.

No need for JSATFA as under 48 hours and not High Risk or Remote AT exped.

Your Div G7 PAT Branch will have a Standing Instruction detailing all this, look it up on the defence intranet or call them.

Hope that helps, any comments from G7 gurus welcome if any of that is bollocks!
Nope that all sounds OK Crypto - I'd not even bother running it past PAT. Check they are AALA registered, insured and have a Risk Assessment, ask for copies of the instructors quals maybe and thats about it. Funds coming from the unit PRI account I imagine ?

...and IMHO thats about the only way that many units are going to be able to do AT in the future unless "the system" stops being so **** about granting qualifications and places on courses. Indy are their own worst enemies when it comes to making life difficult - and as for the flaming JSATFA, yea gods. A suberb example of empire building and over caution - see "Mountain Biking" if you want a good example of utter gold-plating.

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