Adventure training weekend - GoApe

Has anyone been to the GoApe at Aberfoyle?? if so, is it any good and will a bunch of Sappers enjoy the time spent there??

Anyone any ideas about local camping areas near Stirling where 9x9s could be set up without upseting the locals??

Alternatively has anyone completed any blinding adventure training that can be realistically completed in a weekend and not too far to travel from the northeast?

Any help much appreciated

The slide is good fun, lots of cycling routes in the surrounding forrest area.
4 public houses in the village as well.
Cobleland campsite is 2 miles from the village itself, with a TAC in Stirling 40 minutes away if you want to commute.
Can't help with any locations up north; however I have just completed an Adv Trg weekend that I had planned.

We too did the Go Ape thing; and it was a challenging (for some) and different experience that the guys seemed to enjoy. We went on a Sunday morning, and from start to finish it took nearly 4 hours. If you can, I would recommend carrying out a recce beforehand.

To fill the Saturday we secured a day on a reservoir at an Outdoor Centre run by the local authority. The guys had half a day kayaking and half a day sailing.

If you want any more info, drop me a PM.


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