Adventure Training sort of question about camping

And I mean camping as in tents and stuff, not mincing about. :)

Ages ago whilst on Adventure Training I was told by a QMSI that you could camp anywhere above a certain height above sea level.
He then went ahead and demonstrated this by marching us up a mountain and letting us sleep on it.
However being a disrespectful little oik in them days (about 1992), I didn't listen properly and can't remember the actual height, and I'm not even sure if this is still correct following all the new countryside access laws.

Can anybody help and shed some light on the subject? I'm taking my daughter camping and we want to do a bit of Ray Mearsing (well light a campfire)
Try the army web page and army net, or the people at Div G3 PAT branch. You will need to fill out a trainig on private land form (TOPL) from LANDSO 1402 - quite easy. I think the Q was talking rubbish - if it's for AT, you do need permission to train on private land as all land is owned by someone. If you'r off with some mates though and you're in the middle of nowhere, the hill police are unlikely to catch you. Don't drink the water though!!

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