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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by gun-bunny, Nov 29, 2008.

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  1. Hi I'm a member of the OTC and our coy have just been tasked with planning next years AT. We are planning to go to Ecuador for 2 weeks. As part of the plan we have to include how we are going to fund the trip. Apparently there are grants available through the army that would cover some of the costs. Does anyone know what these grants are and how I can enquire about them. Also, does anyone have any other ideas for funding, sponsorship has been suggested to us, but i've no idea what kind of company's to approach about this.

    We also have to include health and safety/risk assesments as part of the plan. Can anyone give any advice on how to complete these, as i've no idea where to start with them or what to include.

    Thanks, GB
  2. What type of training will you be doing,i in SA
  3. We were looking at a jungle trek, white water rafting and climbing one of the volcanoes. Possibly sailing to the Galapogos Islands
  4. Right Get a fighting fund going, every body chuck a few quid in.

    Check out all the manufactures of gear , climbing, clothing, banks, oil companies, first aid , drug companies.etc using internet and directories.

    Write or E mail all these people with a sort of buisnes plan telling them how good you are and how good they will look in the media

    tell the media, bs,bs,bs
    back in the 60/70s the 17/21 lancers had this off to a fine art, we did London to Sydney, Alaska to cape horn, Germany to Everest and others
  5. We did not have the PC, helf und safety politzi then ,but will be better if you take your own medic, and any instucters, mountain leaders you can find. Insurance is also a problem as travel insurance wont cut it . try to get an inserance co. to be one of your sponsers this is not a short process it takes a great deal of time and effort. But the rewards can be megger best of luck
  6. Cheers Tropper that's a big help
  7. Speak to your Bde SO2 AT about doing the Regt'l AT Offr Course. It'll give you the knowledge of how to plan and the resources available to you.
    It's distance learning and will take you an afternoon to do.
  8. Is that open OTC cadets?
  9. Give the SO2 AT a call and find out! I don't see why not.
  10. Thanks, i'll give that a try
  11. wouldn't waste too much effort with eliciting sponsorship from commercial organisations...overseas expeditions are nothing new to them, and in these lean times they are unlikely to give buckshee cash...however, there is always plenty of cash going spare for AT.

    IIRC a minimum of 1/3rd of the overall cost is to funded by the individual and upto the remaing 2/3rds from other sources...

    Try these:
    Bde AT officer holds a healthy budget
    Regimental HQs of personnel sponsored to RMAS and/or permanent staff can issue individual grants
    Unit PRI
    COPF - currently lots of cash in regular units for (E)COPF (however, not sure if OTCs have COPF or equivilent)
    Army Sports Lottery (for susbscribed members)
    There are others, these are just from memory...

    CILOR can be claimed for Rations (i think?)
    Specialist equipment can be issued if required through specialist stores at Bicester, some outstanding wordls class AT kit (spk to QM - specific timelines apply)

    i've led a few overseas expeds and never been short of funds, on one i had to givemoney back i had somuch....with a bit of imagination and research you will have no problems, but you will have topay the first 1/3rd yourself....
  12. Thanks DD that helped point me in the right direction.
  13. Hi guys i've been researching this a bit more and have come across The Ulysses Trust and G7 allocation. I've only seen these mentioned, don't know actually what they are and if we're entitled to them?
    Anyone heard of these before?
    Cheers GB
  14. Gun Man,

    There is a load of info you can get on this. You need to speak to the G3 PAT guys in HQ Scotland (edinburgh) - go into OTC and use the Mil Phone. Start off with a clerk in G3 and ask for advice on who the best person to chat to is. It may even be worth asking your Trg Maj to get you across to edinburgh for a day to speak to the oracle (as it were) they will have all the Army forms and Info you need and will be able to show you examples of ATFAs (thats the application forms), highlight some of the obvious pitfalls and give you general advice. It will be their office that provide you with Exercise clearance and so gaining their support early is key anyway. Be clear on what countries you want to visit and what your activities are. That way you will know waht political clearance you need and what instructors (how many, what discipline and what level) you need.
  15. Remember to ask for dipclear (diplomatic clearance) via the Military Attaché at the British Embassy.