adventure training opportunities

I am currently in the process of joining, just waiting for my gp to get his ass in gear and finish my medical forms.

One reason i want to join the army is the chance of adventure training, i cucrently go climbing weekly and think the idea of having this involved in my job would be amazing.

Just want to know if anyone out there knows of how easy it is to sign up to these sort of pursuits? can i do this during phase 2 or do i have to wait 'till i finish training?
What sort of things has anyone done before?
white water rafting or coasteneering appeals the most.

The Army recruiters will always boast about adventure training to potential soldiers just to get them to join, especially as thats what your interested in. This is of course why a lot of people do join.

Don't get me wrong, the Army prides itself on adventure training and there was a lot in my old unit, however, there's also a lot of other committments going on at the moment as well which will take priority. As for doing it through phase 2 - I'm not sure, somebody might know though.

Don't get suckered into joining the Army because the recruiter said you'd do it. Be a bit street wise.

If your keen on adventure Training of the Mountainous variety join the Army Mountaineering Association (AMA). They can get you on trips during work time. They have a website, sorry don't have a link.
When I was a Tom there were a number of things I wanted to try but never had the opportunity. When I was a Trg Sgt I made damn sure the crows in my Trg Bn had ample opportunity to get off their ARRSES & find an enjoyable sport/pasttime. The discipline probs halved once word got around.....

To the OP: Watch for a Cpl/Sgt with an interest in the same activities & make yourself known to him.

Good Luck:)
Some ATR's have certain clubs. I know that ATR Lichfield has a climbing club. However I don't know too much about it because I don't start my basic until September but I know you don't get a great deal of free time in your basic. I know that in your phase 1 (depending on what your going in) you spend a week doing adventure training. What you hoping to go in?
Your right in some respects B_T as a recruiter I used to sell the army to potential recruits with the prospects of AT, but that is on the feed back from lads and lasses who have just passed training. My son whos at Harrogate as just been to Austria ski-ing the other month whilst in training and there is plenty of scope for climbing with in door walls etc at AFC. I have been informe by nearly all my old applicants they had done some sort of AT whilst at phase 1 and phase 2 in some cases.

Now Im back in the field force between tours my lads have already had scope for two AT which all my section have done including Cyprus and Wales. There is even more coming up which I hope I can get some of my lads on including a possible Italy and a few more further a field.

With the current climate of tours coming round quite quickly its more needed for bosses to get the AT in which were all trying to do, hopefully all other units are following suit.

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