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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by say_again, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. Hi,
    Wonder if anyone can give me any pointers or help. There are 4 or 5 of us in my unit that ride motorbikes of various shapes and sizes (the bikes i mean but guess we fall into that category to!). Anyone know of any army adventure training packages available or how we could get funding to organise our own?
    We have a couple of divers that seem to be always swanning off with one unit or another to some far flung and tropical country for a "Gucci style" free holiday and thought it about time us bikers had a good holiday.
    Well just a tad, but still worth a try
  2. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    You can try your PRI for (non-public) money but if I recall rightly from a brief spell as RATO or Asst RATO or something, there are approved official adventure training activities and unfortunately riding motorcycles isn't one of them. Therefore no public money.

    That said, I don't know how you would stand for something like crossing the antarctic on a FSIE (showing my age). Someone somewhere must be able to approve the out-of-the-ordinary, but a weekend at Boxhill is out I suspect.
  3. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    I wonder how you'd get on with the copper explaining that your 160 wheelie was done in the interests of HM - namely building your character through facing fear? I reckon you'd get off, no problem.
  4. Thanks for the thoughts anyway.....last copper i spoke to said he hated blokes that do wheelies....cos he couldn't do them...then proceeded to burn me off down little country lanes travelling at speeds that had me screaming like a little girl!
  5. Organise yourself a "sponsored" epic trek around Europe (Austria, Switzerland, Italy etc) doing some adventurous activities enroute. Lots of military accom about for cheap food and accom. Should be simple to organise an admin vehicle (with fuel card) to carry all the equipment, tents,food etc. Do it slightly out of season and it's cheaper.
  6. There are military motorcycle clubs around - the REME has one in Bordon (based in SEME?) and they use the training area. They are always off around the countryside competing - and usually picking up the odd cup and occasional broken bone! Contact them for help!

    Otherwise, try organising your own! How about following Lawrence of Arabia's motorcycle tracks through the Middle East whilst waving a large Union flag? Hmm, perhaps not...! But come up with an idea and sell it to your OC and CO. If it's a good idea and it has elements of leadership training, requires planning and organisation skills that you don't yet have, is arduous and challenging, with a little bit of fun thrown in, you will receive approval and, perhaps, some funding!

    The reason that the divers. sailors and skiers get time and money thrown at them is because those activities are challenging and arduous - and someone gets off their arrse and organises them.

    Good Luck with the idea!

  7. Thought about the Hymalya's plenty of tours offering the chance to ride enfield 500's or similar prices arent too bad either for the 2week or 3 week ones :D
  8. your honesty does you proud sir, a true biker

    I must admit i cant do wheelies cos i dont want to throw my bike up the road, willing to try on someone elses though, if i dont have to pay fro the gravel rash :)

    and many a time have i screamed like a little girl, like at three in the morning in the p*ssing rain in germany on an unlit and totally unexpected roundabout with artic wagon coming at me....luckily he saw that i was a tw*t who wasnt going to stop so he did otherwise i would have become very intimate indeed with the rubber compound of his tyres..

    good luck with two wheeled adventure training, best bet i would say is get sponsorship and a bunch of DR bikes (harley badged rotax engined jobbies arent they?)and drive across iceland naked or somethinng like that.....

    I myself have just persuaded my girlie to do a bike course and we are going to do the balkans...czech republic where we live down to greece across to Turkey, up to Ukraine , Romania and then home again
  9. Involve a charity AND/OR battlefield tour and you'll get the funding.