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Discussion in 'Travel' started by Boozy, Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone recommend any good companies offering Adventure holidays in far flung corners of the world?

    I am thinking ahead to this time next year and would like to get out of Europe and go and trek through some jungles or climb some mountains. I can only lay by a pool for about one day before I get bored so need something fairly active and preferably cultural/historical too.

    Suggestions please?!

    Oh yes, and I have a severe case of arachnophobia... I don't want to end up anywhere with a lot of spiders if at all possible!

    Budget circa £1500
  2. The Falkland Islands Holidays & Tailor Made Tours | Audley Travel

    You know it makes sense.......
  3. Why go abroad, read anything by Enid Blyton featuring the Famous Five, they always had an adventure on their holidays, never left the UK and had lashings of ginger beer ;-)
  4. Morocco could probably cater to your tastes - I spent a month there a couple of years ago & did pretty much the stuff you want to do.

    No need to go through a tour operator that way either, just book an in flight and an out flight and go where you please - just stay in hostel or most hotels will also let you sleep on the roof (not as bad as it sounds) for a couple of pounds.

    You could probably also find a package tour, but it will cost you a lot more than you could do it alone for.
  5. I'm going to Vietnam to see EODMatt I'm sure he could suggest something adventurous to do especially if you like the cock.
  6. Was thinking erm more Lara Croft style adventures than a bunch of old fashioned english children running around fields and shit!

    The Falklands is a no unfortunately sluggy, I like penguins - but I couldn't eat a whole one!
  7. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I went with Exodus 9 times. They are good, but tbh you could do most of what they do with a little research and save some money. Peru was good, Kilimanjaro too and dog sledding in lappland is something I would recommend to anyone.
  8. Home Page - Welcome to the official website of Tourism Shellharbour located on the South Coast of NSW online bookings for accommodation, attractions, activities, events and tours

    Well this is where I'm going. I've got a mate over there - use of a car and a bedspace. Anyone can rough it.
  9. Asia and South American countries are high up on on my list... there are a few places in the middle east like Petra I would like to see but I'd be apprehensive about travelling alone in Islamic countries... knowing my luck I'd probably get thrown in jail or stoned to death for wearing shorts or daring to look a bloke in the eye or something!

    I could probably do this stuff cheaper by researching it all out and booking things myself but as I'm going alone and am a bit of a virgin when it comes to travelling in non english/french/german speaking places I'd like to have someone else do all the organisation and just join a tour group to do it.
  10. Come with me my dear you'll be quite safe I'll not even hoor you out.
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  11. On the serious side, next year is an eventful birthday year, so might be treating myself to a visit to the States, landing at either LA or NY and travelling to the opposite side via Amtrak taking in the Southern states and the East Coast with stops for 1 or 2 days en route, especially on the Southern bit. I was originally looking at riding cross country on a bike, but come to the sensible conclusion I'd probably kill myself :)