advcie needed to assist an incapacitated old soldier

I wonder if anyone could please offer some advice regarding assisting my incapacitated brother. He served in North Africa during the 1960s and suffered sunstroke during a desert patrol. After 12 months in an Army mental institute he was invalided out of the army. Physically he wasn't too bad, but his mental condition resulted in him being unemployable and unable to maintain long term relationships. The family had been actively involved with his welfare, but the deaths of my mother and then my brother two years ago has meant that he now lives by himself. He has had a series of physical problems in the last year and has taken heavily to drink to ease the pain.
He is incapable of looking after himself on a day to day basis, but resists any offer of help from meals on wheels or other agencies, or being placed into a hostel of any sort. He cannot manage his financial affairs and he is constantly getting bailed out of debt by the remaining family members.
Of his remaining family members, his sister has too much on her plate to offer constant care and management and his brothers live overseas or two far away.
I feel he may be more responsive to intervention by the army than by civilian authorities. I would realy appreciate if members of arrse could let me know how to find the right army institutions to assist this poor old soldier.
PS. we are not looking for or have ever sought financial compensation for his injuries.


I would suggest that your brother could be classed as a "vulnerable person" and as such is entitled to a statuatory needs assessment by local social services. SSAFA may be able to make a valuable contribution to this process too and make it more palatable to your brother. With Idependent Living funding, he may have more choice on who delivers his support.

If he was invalided out, he may be entitled to a war pension if not already receiving one.

It's also worth getting a copy of the latest service command white paper which gives details of how veterans can be better supported in the community.

If you don't get any joy, your local borough/county councillor and MP may be able to help.

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