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Advantage or not?

Hi Guys,

Some knowledge from serving members needed here.

I'm doing my final preparation for phase 1 and am coming unstuck with the faster, short runs.

I've been training my nuts off and for a test I tried doing a mock CFT and managed it just under 2 hours on hilly terrain so I was well chuffed that my training is really starting to show.

Thing is when I try to do the 1.5 miler I just can't get the speed needed. I've stuck between 10.30 & 10.50 mins.

I find when I get about 3/4 of a mile in my legs and lungs just start burning up.

First off though will I be at an advantage or disadvantage if I manage the loaded, longer sessions. Or is the army looking more for my speed over 1.5 miles? I'm going to be joing the infantry.

advice very much appreciated.

Go to Google. Search for:

1. Fartlek
2. Interval Training
3. Hill Sprints
4. Tabata Sprints

All of these methods should increase speed and/or aerobic/anaerobic threshold.

Assuming you are running more than 1.5 miles at a time already? The general advice is to run 3 or more as training for the 1.5
i used to be the same, when it came to cft's and tabs i found them far easier than a 1.5mile run.
alls i can say is keep training and when you get to itc you will run faster due to running it with other people and being able to push yourself against them.
my screw at glencourse used to say always catch the man in front then when youve got him do the next and so on and so on untill you finish,
with regards to what they are looking for i think it depends on your unit and co, my unit loved running so saw that as the most important thing,

what battalion are you going to
Hi Yorkie, Thanks for the info.

I never thought about the fact I would be chasing other people in basic! I'm so used to running on my own and trying to push myself.

I'm hoping to join 1 Battalion PWRR. What are you in?
If you are trying to improve your PFT, don't forget the press ups and sit ups as well. Lots of people aim to improve the run time, but forget about the other two exercises and still fail.

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