Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Jockster915, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. Guys I will throw this one open to the floor.

    Had an individual posted in this week who was given a large advance on JPA however as the previous unit had put a - sign in front of the amount it has been deducted from his wages in one foul swoop and he will be getting paid feck all this month.

    How do I get the money back to him? If I give him an advance to offset then I presume that JPA will recover said advance and leave him back at square one.

    Likewise if you are reading this from said individuals previous unit and are the one who fecked this up read the bloody desk manuals before you do anything on JPA. For info I know who you are.

  2. Jockster,

    What sort of advace did he have?? Sounds like it was recorded as an EPIC which will always come off in one lump!!

  3. LJS it was a JPA Advance Recovery BACS. I think - will confirm when back in work.

    Strange as it was listed as having 12 recovery periods yet came off in one.

    Seriously unimpressed with the HR Administrator who shall remain nameless - for now.

  4. Good one this, if you take an advance from T & S through JPA, in much the the same way as an EPIC, although Self Service, if you do not submit the claim for whatever the advance was for within 30 days it will deduct the amount from your wage (like an EPIC), to add insult, the system will not let you put the claim in after said 30 days until the advance has cleared from your wage (your account will be flagged with the debit), shite I know, the only way round it is to advance the difference on an MOD F 300 (as that can be held on suspence until the problem is sorted) and tell the individual to drip feed it back into his/her wage until the debit has cleared, that said, the powers that be say that you can only do this if the short fall in your wage is from a JPA cock up and not the Self Service User.

    Jockster, that was Paywog not LJS.
  5. First off Pay Wog apologies and thanks to LJS for pointing it out.

    LJS individual's location had only just got access to JPA. He didn't submit the claim his HR Admin did it as an element enttry which deducted in one. That was less than 30 days ago.

    I am stumped and think I will pass it up CofC for an answer. We have issued an EPIC in meantime.


  6. Fcuk me, at least he's been paid!
  7. Hugh that's the point he hasn't been paid. He's got an EPIC which will come out of his wages at the end of Dec. Fecks sake.

    Edited to add: Didn't realise it's a bonus if you actually get paid.

  8. Why not an MOD F 300 advance as opposed to an EPIC?
  9. LJS new FSA! :D

  10. Oh well, why not just compound the issue and make it worse....I really hate EPIC's as they really can cock things up.
  11. Jockster,

    I am in total agreement with LJS - the EPIC could quite easily come off this month's pay! (I have seen it happen!) - moved the problem along by a week or so! Best bet is to issue an advance on an MOD 300 and get the individual to refund the DDA once things are sorted - not the best time of year for the bloke to be out of pocket!!! (is there a good time?)

  12. LJS and Paywog thanks for your valuable input. JPAC, Tiger Team I think, have advised to publish the Advance properly and that should even things out.

    I have my doubts as I presume that JPA will still recover the new advance. Will keep you updated. As for EPICs they seem to recover as JPA sees fit sometimes all at once and sometimes at 4 days pay.

  13. Yep, I have noticed that aswell, there never seems to be any continuity with this system.