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For Hire: one armored personnel carrier FV432 chassis. Gloss-white paint job, champagne-filled, smoked-glass fridge, racing green interior, seats eight, plus three crew. The makers who modded this are just waiting for a Jacuzzi and 44 feet of blue neon tubing (remote-controlled, natch).


As I understood it, these were not the most comfortable of vehicles; Have they improved the suspension/equivalent or have they just left the passengers to get bandied around?!
I keep telling my fiance a white APC would be perfect for our wedding, but he's not having any of it.....
"If you hear a rumor it's a 5 foot sheep dip with a pump and heat exchanger it might not be true."
love it


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"But the Abbot doesn't lend its self well for passengers. So at Christmas we pulled out the best armored personnel carrier from 30 we had laying around."

30 APCs lying around eh? What you chaps need at this stage of your business development is a top end security consultant. In case some Pikeys nick some of your 30 APCs.

Tall, distinguished looking, slightly spooky, nobody is quite sure what he does but he costs a fortune...

I know just the man

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