Advanced or Delayed OJAR?

I know that reports for Captains are to be completed for 31 May for the previous 12 months but can anyone tell me how long within that reporting period you have to serve before receiving an advanced or delayed OJAR. eg Reporting year 31 May but posted in Jan of following year. That is an 8 month reporting period. Does that justify an advanced OJAR?
JimsBoyAllGrownUp said:
Many Thanks for your advice. I had just driven into work to pick up the JSP and brought it home with me! Thanks again though.
Happy reading. I'd have thought that getting posted 8 months into the reporting period, you'd get one when you leave. But i could be talking out of my arrse.
Well according to the good book I should get one so you aren't talking out of your arrse.......thanks for your support. I will challenge my ms chain tomorrow. May let you all know the outcome here :twisted:

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