Advanced JSMEL


I am after the collective wisdom of ARRSE and know someone out there knows the answer (I just need to bribe it out of them)

Can anyone clarify what award has now taken over from the advanced JSMEL?

I have been on the ATG web dote and have found the advanced summer mountain leader (ASL) qualification and also the advanced mountain leader expedition summer (ALS) qualification.

Have one of these replaced it and what is the difference between them.

Many thanks in advance
There has just been a re-do of many of the courses and designations.

SMP is now SMF fro example.

ALS is (99% sure) the old Adv JSMEL. But the only way to be sure, and I havent' got a copy handy, is to look at the new JSP. This has handy flow charts on the back that shows you how everything fits together, and has a page on each course with comparisons to legacy, NGB and other courses available through the forces.

You don't know what a Unit Adventure Training leader is do you? That is one I am looking for, it may be in the revised JSP.
Unexpectedly I am just walking into a site with Dii and I may be able to get access so I will have a look, thanks for your help with this
Nothing in JSP 419 at the minute so may be due an update
Would it not be easier just to give either Capel Curig or Llanwrst (sp?) a bell?
It is just a name change. When I last spoke with JSMTC prior to summer leave over confusion on course/award names it was all explained that it is just that - name changes. Not seen an updated 419 yet.

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