Advanced Hypersonic Weapon - World Police a step nearer

World police?

**** yeah!!
All it will require is the ability to spot the Enemies of Freedom and Democracy reliably from above the clouds ("He's a bloke with a beard and turban"), and then for the malefactors to remain in the same place for an hour after they've been sighted as they go about their evildoing ways. Then peace and apple pie will prevail

Always assuming, of course, that this new wonderweapon doesn't lead them to make yet more ill-judged interventions which result in unintended consequences.
A hypersonic strike missile has been the Pentagons 'Holy Grail' for a decade and would come in ship launched, sub launched and air launched flavours.
Hmmm! dons tinfoil helmet and runs in circles screaming and shouting in brown trousers.
Nothing special about hypersonic missiles. We've had one for years.

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