Advanced Hypersonic Weapon - World Police a step nearer

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bullet_catcher, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. America has a flying bomb that can hit any part of the world within an hour. It is guidable, and doesn't seem to be the 'ususal' ICBM type rocket. No pictures, but there is a report here
    AFP: Pentagon successfully tests hypersonic flying bomb

    The implication from the atricle is that it is more guidable than a rocket.
    Could this be the source of the increased number of UFO sightings?
  2. World police?

    **** yeah!!
  3. So they won't be needing all those submarines and aircraft carriers any more.........
  4. All it will require is the ability to spot the Enemies of Freedom and Democracy reliably from above the clouds ("He's a bloke with a beard and turban"), and then for the malefactors to remain in the same place for an hour after they've been sighted as they go about their evildoing ways. Then peace and apple pie will prevail

    Always assuming, of course, that this new wonderweapon doesn't lead them to make yet more ill-judged interventions which result in unintended consequences.
  5. Yes, go on, flatten Finsbury Park Mosque, and Lewisham whilst you're at it. We'll be rid of them and the survivors will blow themselves up in New York by way of returning the favour.

  6. flying bombs eh ? didnt a 1 bollocked chap with a short black tash and an evil temper try that some 70 years ago ?
  7. A hypersonic strike missile has been the Pentagons 'Holy Grail' for a decade and would come in ship launched, sub launched and air launched flavours.
  8. Hmmm! dons tinfoil helmet and runs in circles screaming and shouting in brown trousers.
  9. This could make septic blue on blue even quicker.
  10. Nothing special about hypersonic missiles. We've had one for years.
  11. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    True however we are also in possession of the fastest known metal moving object in the world..

    The ARRSE outrage bus.
  12. Hypersonic? Pah! Nothing moves faster than a raging Tropper.